02/09/2011 04:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Buffalo Bills to Get New Unis

In text blasts, emails and news posts veiled in mystery and secrecy, the Bills announced the team will sport new uniforms in 2011, with the official unveiling coming later this year.

Apparently, a lot of people think this is the type of announcement I'd be particularly thrilled by because I got numerous messages from numerous people alerting me to the information I already knew about. Surprisingly (or maybe not), I really don't care one way or the other. Uniforms are never what I was looking at every Sunday -- I was more interested in, oh I don't know, the football game going on.

The only time I've ever consciously thought about the uniforms are:

A) When they wear the throwbacks.

B) When I'm scrolling through game day photos.

And even then, I'm not really thinking about the uniforms. I'm either wishing the throwback uniforms had actually thrown us back into the era they were worn during, or I'm admiring how nice the bottom half of several key players look.

If I had to find a reason to be excited, it'd be because maybe Bills gear will now be considered "out of date" and go on clearance. Then again, they're still charging actual money for Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch jerseys, so maybe not.

Freddy J took to Twitter to tease a preview, saying he dug the new uniforms and revealing that he (or anybody else) had never really liked the uniforms they'd been wearing all along. If he's happy, I'm happy.

BUT, depending on what goes down with all the BS swirling around the league right now in regards to next season, who knows how much of these anticipated new threads we'll even get to see. What... a potential shame.

So what do you guys think of a uniform switcheroo? What do you think they'll look like/what would you like to see unveiled? Will you rush to pre-order your new gear as soon as you can? I remember when we switched over to the current uniforms. I was upset that the royal blue was eliminated for the darker navyish blue. I got over it pretty quickly.