09/11/2010 12:39 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Can the Bills Squish the Fish?!

Ahh it's finally HERE! Football! Yay!

Ok, now that my exuberance is out of the way, let's take a look at what to look for during Sunday's homeopener.

-#1 thing I'll be looking at is our run game. Rookie RB C.J. Spiller is set to start, even ahead of Freddy J and Sucky McSucker... I mean, Marshawn Lynch. I've heard Spiller compared to a younger Thurman Thomas, which can only be construed as borderline amazing. If Spiller and Jackson can emerge as the only two RBs we need, I vote Lynch gets the long overdue boot! We should look to take advantage of making big plays on the ground because that's where the Dolphins' D has some holes.

-Next I'll be looking at our QB situation. Trent Edwards is set to start... which isn't great. I'm sorry, Trent might be a nice guy but he used up all his chances to prove himself, at least in my book. It's not his fault -- he's never been the same since those concussions. I've accepted it and moved on... and so should our coaches.

-Our secondary is going to be key here (as usual), but we can't afford to have it carry the game like it did all last season. Our pass D was rated second in the league last season and the full ranks are returning this season, so we should look to repeat that feat. All eyes will be on Jairus Byrd who will be looking to prove last year's record interceptions weren't rookie luck and last season's top draft pick Aaron Maybin will be looking to breakout as a viable member of the D. The entire D is continuing to adjust to the new 3-4 system, but for my sanity, let's hope the adjustment period ends Sunday at 1 p.m. The way to be successful this season is going to be to preserve our defense. Kawika Mitchell is already on injured reserve and out indefinitely. We can't afford to deplete our ranks anymore.

-As always, I'll be patiently waiting for my Lee Evans to pull out some plays. I'm interested to see who lines up opposite him to help him out, otherwise I'll barely be able to see him amidst the swarming fish.

-Last, but definitely not least, I can't wait to see if our offensive line shows up. Just in case, here's my friendly reminder: KICKOFF IS AT 1 P.M. at RALPH WILSON STADIUM in ORCHARD PARK, NY. JUST FOLLOW THE SCREAMING, CHEERING AND LOOK FOR THE BIG GREEN FIELD WITH LARGE WHITE SPRAYPAINTED NUMBERS ON IT AND HUGE YELLOW GOALPOSTS AT EITHER END. Remember, y'all are somebody, you're important and it's absolutely imperative (for your team to score & for my sanity) that you show up. Thanks in advance.

-The Dolphins will be looking to put newly acquired Brandon Marshall to use, Chad Henne will be looking to prove his accidental takeover as QB last season deserves to be permanent and Ricky Williams... well, I'm over him. It'll be interesting to see if they rely heavily on the Wildcat again.

I'll be at the game with my dedicated BFF Ems, who is excited to be able to feel her toes this time, as opposed to our snowglobe expedition at last season's final game when we wrapped our feet in toilet paper/napkins. Please cross your fingers that I avoid all confrontation, both verbal and physical. ;-)