11/26/2010 03:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

'Fitzmagic' Wins More Than Games for the Bills

When it comes to Ryan Fitzpatrick, nothing is out of the question. That's why he won the NFL's "Never Say Never Moment of the Week" for Week 11. Fitzmagic was up against Mark Sanchez and Maurice Jones-Drew, and fans voted Fitz and his band of Bills winners after their crazy comeback against the Bengals.

With their 49-31 victory and 35 unanswered points after halftime, the Bills pulled off the biggest comeback win since 1997. Not too shabby for a 2-8 team, or any team, at that. Even though it comes down to the fans, I think it's very telling that Fitz was lumped in there. Congrats, brotha.

At the end of the season, fans will vote for a "Never Say Never Moment of the YEAR," out of the 17 weekly winners. How great would it be if the Bills won that one? Come on Bills fans, I know you guys are vote-crazy. Make it happen.

What I'm wondering, though, is where the NFL or contest sponsor GMC came up with the name for this weekly glory fest. The conclusion I've come to is that they were inspired by Justin Bieber's song "Never Say Never" featuring Jayden Smith. No, seriously.

"I will never say never! (I will fight)/I will fight till forever! (make it right)/Whenever you knock me down/I will not stay on the ground/Pick it up/Pick it up/Pick it up/Pick it up up up/And never say never"

See? That pretty much sums up the point of this contest. Kinda weird when you think of it like that. You know how pleasant it is to get that song stuck in your head every time you vote?... not great.