11/25/2009 01:57 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Play "Hit It & Quit It," Bills Week 11

I think it's safe to say that anybody who is familiar with my writing is well aware that I very publicly experience extreme highs and lows each week--sharing those moments with you are the best part of being Bills Chick (and they might function as a type of therapy, too). So I bet y'all saw the score of Sunday's game, maybe even watched some of it and fully expected this edition of "Hit it & Quit it" to be heavy on the "Quit its" and chronicle how my heart broke completely apart over the course of three hours. Well, you're all WRONG! When I got over my slightly exaggerated crying...excuse me, sobbing... session I actually felt overwhelmingly proud of the Bills. So let's hit it!

Hit it! Perry Fewell. Your first game as head coach wasn't easy but it was a battle hard fought and I personally think you did a helluva job. Words can't describe how it felt to see my emotions mirrored on your face. That sounds dramatic but let's be serious, this is me we're talking about and I've been waiting for our head coach to act as passionately as I feel forever. Finally, I've met my match (if that's possible). Without the penalties (please, can you just rip the O-line a new one this week?!) your play calling would have been enough to win us the game so so far, you're two for two.

Hit it! Ryan Fitzpatrick. I take back every bad thing I said about you during preseason. Throwing for 297 yards is fabulous. And, you dropped a few passes into heavy coverage that were so on point that they were actually caught. Looks like you, Terrell and Lee finally found your groove. Please do it again this Sunday.

Hit it! Defense. Kudos on actually functioning against the Jacksonville run. That was the type of shocker I'll take from you any week.

Quit it! O-Line. I'm sorry, but not only do you guys still not understand the concept that penalties don't help us--they actually kill us--you also played pathetically against the worst ranked pass rush in the league. Really?!

Hit it! Terrell. Seeing you smile instead of mope on the sidelines in my favorite red hat was a glimpse of the Terrell I know and love. Thanks for snagging your longest TD reception (98 yards) and for securing the fourth spot for all-time receiving yardage as a Bill.

If you guys could elicit a "Hit it & Quit it" like this for next week...except win this time...that would be really really really great.