03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Richie Incognito Signed: Finally A Rational Decision

...I like him a lot (so far). Richie Incognito of the St. Louis Rams passed a physical Thursday morning and signed his contract. With the recent signing of Kendall Simmons dealing with a shoulder injury and none of the other OLs able to offer adequate (or any) protection, Perry Fewell did what a head coach is supposed to do and took matters into his own hands. (Glory, glory, Hallelujah)

"He's a good football player," said Fewell. "You don't have an opportunity to get a good football player like that this late in the season. This gives us an opportunity to improve our offensive line and improve our football team, we think."

It's exciting and refreshing, and a little confusing (because this whole having-a-coach-that-coaches situation is still new and unusual) but I'm embracing the attitude and the decision. Also...apparently, SOMEBODY FINALLY HEARD WHAT I HAD TO SAY AND DECIDED TO LISTEN! Or, ya know, we finally have someone with a logical and intelligent head on their shoulders.

What makes this decision even better is that Incognito seems to be happy to be on the team and is ready and eager to start.

"I'm real excited to just jump in feet first and just go at it. I think the best thing for me to do is go out there and play Sunday. I'm excited for the opportunity. I feel welcome here. Not that I didn't feel welcomed in St. Louis--it's just nice to be appreciated and to be pushed to play better and better each week," said Incognito.

Incognito (6'3" 324) was a third-round pick of the St. Louis Rams in 2005 and spent his entire five-year NFL career with them. He is known as a fiery player and has 44 career starts. It's possible he may make his first start as a Bill on Sunday against the Patriots.

He won't be the answer to all our problems or be a band aid large enough to fix the very struggling O-line, but it's a start. I think this decision is encouraging and as my girl Chelsea Handler says, I give this my blessing.

This speaks volumes about Perry's coaching abilities and is a just a glimmer of what he could offer the Bills if invited to stay on as permanent head coach in I'll leave you with the rationality that has only just started to show itself on this team.

"I like his intensity," said Fewell. "We're trying to add as many good football players as we can and this is an opportunity for us to get a good look at him."