08/14/2013 12:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How Girls Get Ready for Girls Night Out

It is one of the biggest mysteries of all time -- why do women take so long to get ready? A recent study of 2,000 women, conducted by Malibu Rum for their 'Malibutique' campaign, found that women spend an average of 44 minutes getting ready for nights out with their significant other, but over an hour if it's girls night out. The study also found that women are more likely to dress casually when on a date with a man, and more glamorous when going out with friends. The most shocking number of all, though? The poll found that the average woman will spend eight hours and 19 mins shopping online, emailing friends, researching where to go and planning out what to wear in preparation for girls night out.

When I told my husband the numbers that this study found, he couldn't fathom the idea of taking that long (let's be honest, men have it easiest when getting ready and they usually don't care about where they're going so long as there is beer there)! To help the world understand, here is a list I've compiled of the typical process for girls night out:

1. Your friend calls and says she'll pick you up at 8pm

2. You think to yourself "I've got plenty of time, it's only 6 o'clock," so you relax for a bit

3. And have a bite to eat

4. Suddenly, you realize it's 7:30

5. So you take a shower and are excited to try that beauty tip you saw on Pinterest

6. Then you go to your closet

7. And try on outfit... after outfit... after outfit...

8. And when you think you've picked out what to wear

9. Your friend shows up and gives her opinion

10. So you give up

11. And she reminds you of that dress you have, that you wore that one time, that looked good...

12. And she offers to do your hair

13. You don't like it so you redo it yourself

14. Then you put on makeup

15. Then take some makeup off...

16. Then put some more back on...

17. You're just about ready to leave but first you need to use the mirror to test the dance move integrity of your outfit

18. Your lady parts didn't show... you're ready to show yourself to the world

...and it's only 10:30!