08/27/2012 09:21 am ET Updated Oct 27, 2012

Off to the Olympics!

Here we go off to London, England. Thank you to McDonalds, Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy, Century Council, and all of my family and friends who helped get me here. It's going to be awesome!

My mom and I arrived in London after a crazy time getting out of Chicago airport. Our plane was delayed for four hours because the pilot's window was stuck open. Why was the window open?? Did he want some fresh air? Craziness.

We were met at the airport and took the express train to London from Heathrow airport.

Day one in London was great. We went to Wembley Stadium to see the Women's gold medal match for soccer. The crowds were so fun to watch. My mom painted my face for the game and we all had on our red, white and blue. USA vs. Japan -- rematch! Go USA! It was Soccer at it's finest. Hope Solo was so awesome to watch. Carli Loydd scored two goal and I was there to watch it. The best part though was watching the American flag being raised as the national anthem was being sung by thousands.

Day two was the best day EVER! I woke up and headed out thinking that my friend Jackie and I were going to do some soccer games and skills with the younger kids here in London. We go to the field in Hyde Park and OMG -- Mia Hamm was there to play soccer with us! After this, we went back to Wembley Stadium. We toured the building and got to go up to the grass on the field, but DON'T Touch the Grass!!! A cool part of the tour (it was all great but this was extra special) was when we got to go into the locker room that the Japanese team used last night (the USA room had some broken ceiling lights -- Champagne, maybe?) There was a whiteboard in the room with plays still on it.

Then we went to the London Eye. It is really cool how much you can see of London from there.
Next it was on to Olympic Park. It's so cool there, and huge -- tons of people walking around from all over the world. Next we went to the largest McDonald's in the world and, oh yeah, we had dinner with Gabbie Douglas!!!! In case you're wondering, she was wearing her gold medal! If that is not enough, and honestly at that point my day was already going great, we got to go to see the athletics events, and the USA women's 4x100 relay won gold! The men's 4x400 won silver and we got to see the French go for the World's record in pole vaulting.