02/25/2015 02:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Are You Being a Good Finder?

Being a good finder means that no matter what happens to you, you consciously, on purpose, find something good about it. No matter who comes into your life, you find something good about them.

I learn Qi Gong from a wonderful master in NZ who taught us to work on believing - by saying to ourselves constantly, 'Every day is a good day. Every thing is a good thing. Every place is a good place. Every person is a good person."

It's simple but profound - and it changes your life. Whenever anything happens that would normally elicit negative reactions from you - catch yourself and STOP! Then choose to look for something good.


If you are at the airport and your flight is delayed - find a good reason like 'it's better to get there safely'; or 'maybe we are delayed so we avoid crashing with a bird!'

If there is someone at work you don't like, find one thing - just one thing - that is good about them and focus on that! You might be surprised at how they 'change'! The truth is of course that they don't change - your perception of them changes and they respond!

There is a gift in everything that happens to us - if we are conscious enough to receive it!

Sometimes we have to look long and hard and sometimes we think there is nothing - nothing - good in what has happened but then we look back after time and see there was.

What about a time in your life when you broke up with someone you deeply loved? At the time you thought life was over. You would never love again. You would never find anyone else who was your perfect match! Then 6 months later, you look back and think ' whew, lucky escape!'

How we think is a choice. What you say to yourself is a choice. Choose wisely! Choose to be a good finder. You might become very popular!


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