Understanding Others: Part IV

Perception is reality to the average human. That is deeper than it sounds. It means that every single person has their own version of "reality" or what they would call the "truth" based on their perceptions.
11/28/2012 11:47 am ET Updated Jan 28, 2013
Business couple talking - EV104-058
Business couple talking - EV104-058

Okay, so this appears to have nothing to do with fear, but I have just finished watching it about five times and laughed my head off! If you want to loosen up and clear out your baggage -- which a good laugh always does -- then watch this any time you feel overwhelmed by fear, or if you just feel glum.

So, back to understanding others, part four! We have talked in the last few blogs about understanding being the opposite of fear, and I have explored different aspects of understanding. Today is the aspect of reality, or the "truth."

The truth is that we will never see the "truth" -- the whole truth! Because humans perceive everything; they don't see the interconnectedness of everything, of reality!

Perception is reality to the average human. That is deeper than it sounds. It means that every single person has their own version of "reality" or what they would call the "truth" based on their perceptions. Their perceptions are based on their deepest fears, parental and personal beliefs, life experiences and usually judgments that are made, based on those fears and perceptions, not on the actual, whole truth.

Think about witnesses in a court case. There may be five different versions of the story, and although some may consciously be lying, anyone who is honestly describing what they saw is probably telling the truth for them.

Even in everyday fights with our partners, we remember very different versions of an event and we are both convinced we are speaking the "truth!"

What is the whole truth?

Each of us sees a tiny -- very tiny -- portion of everything that goes on in every moment and how everything is connected. Experiments have been done with couples where one is sick with cancer. The healthier partner is trained in a loving compassion exercise, and when they are separated, as the healthier partner thinks with love and compassion for their beloved, it changes the unwell person's physiology.

We have no real idea of how everything in the universe works and what the spiritual realms -- or void, or matrix, or whatever you want to call it -- is filled with! And yet my belief is that it is filled with love and loving angels, spiritual beings or beings wiser than us.

There is a great movie I watched recently called, The Living Matrix -- you can view it free.

It will start to give you more information, which will lead to a greater understanding on healing and more on the way the world really does work. Of course, this still isn't the whole truth, because we are human and we perceive!

I suspect when we really do understand everything and can see how it all works and why things happen the way they do, we will be so evolved and enlightened we will be crossing over and leaving this earth.

How does this help you understand others?

Well, every time you make a judgement about someone else, are you making your decision or choice based on all the information? Of course not, because we will never know all the factors that have led this person to this point.

Nor are we aware of how much our past experiences, fears and filters influence everything we think and therefore all our choices!

Go forth today knowing that you know very little about others and the way the world really works; be gracious, humble, grateful, and when you find yourself judging, stop. Instead, try to understand a bigger picture than your current awareness.

Use that new awareness as a trigger to examine your own fears. Question the truth of them. Find the source and reassure your "inner toddler." Ask yourself if you truly understand who this other person is -- do you know their whole life history, their fears, their habits and patterns?

If not, then who are you to judge? We so often see aspects of ourselves in others and that is in truth what we are judging.

Humility is the key! We are only human. We can only aspire to seek to understand. Reminding ourselves we are limited by our perceptions is a great way to humbly explore -- with interest -- what the other person is really meaning by what they say or do.

Can you relate to any of this? Post a comment, or let us know if you tried some of the suggested activities and what happened!

Amanda Gore

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