Joy Secret Number 7: Energy and Vitality

05/09/2013 12:53 pm ET

Whoo hoo! This is a fun secret!

Your Spiritual Energy and Vitality

Don't you find people who are bubbling with energy, vitality and enthusiasm attractive? Many people say they find that "bubbliness" sexy! It's that vitality and aliveness, enthusiasm and excitement that shines out of people who are bubbling with life forces. It's in fact a much more spiritual quality than just physical robust wellness, although that is an important part.

When you are excited and passionate about what you are doing, or newly in love, or serving others, your energy levels are sky high! Your face radiates that enthusiasm, and others love it.

Who are the energy suckers in your life?

Have you ever worked with what I call an energy sucker? Someone who is always negative, cynical, pessimistic, skeptical or just puts a downer on everything? You feel good before you speak to them and walk away feeling like a joyless, drained rag!

What's it like when they leave the work environment? It's as if the sun comes out! Everyone works well and laughter is everywhere! That's what just one energy sucker can do -- they can suck the life force and joy out of the whole team.

Imagine what one can do in your life! It's important to identify your energy suckers and avoid them! And if you can't avoid them then protect yourself from them! Even if the only thing you can do is to imagine a protective shield around you each time they are near, you can give energy out but they can't get through your shield and suck you dry.

Who are the energy givers?

Spend more time with them! Often activities can be energy givers -- the gym, nature, walking, laughing, meditation, yoga, Qi gong, the beach. Watching comedy movies is a great way to boost your energy levels -- laughter works on so many levels.

Spending time with friends is important, as we all want to feel connected and to belong somewhere. Work out a plan to make more time for these energy boosting activities -- you will be more joyful in minutes!

Check your physiological measures

Of course, it's often challenging to feel great and joyful when you have adrenal glands that are exhausted and gazillions of people today suffer from this "Western society syndrome."

Our adrenals secrete our hormones and stress hormones; they are constantly being activated when we feel stressed, rushed or fearful. When they don't work well and produce all the hormones they are supposed to, a myriad of symptoms emerge. Fatigue and no energy top the list.

Check your adrenal functioning with a 24-hour saliva test through a doctor or health practitioner who specializes in it.

When our hormones are out of whack, women and men can become grumpy and moody, irritable and aggressive. If we have oestrogen dominance, we can put on weight that we can't take off as well as many other typical symptoms.

Find a doctor or health professional who knows about bioidentical hormone replacement or other ways to balance your hormones -- you need a specialist and someone who knows what you are talking about when you say bioidentical. These are not the synthetic HRT they stopped women using in the trials because they increased the risk for breast cancer.

With a skilled practitioner, my hot flushes and desire to stab someone went away quickly!

Check for lyme disease, which mimics many other neurological diseases. You don't always need to have had a tick bite to have it!*

Or it could have something to do with gluten! At least testing for gluten sensitivity is relatively easy to test for. All you have to do is stop all gluten for a month or two and see what happens to your energy levels. Gluten is in almost every supermarket item, so be wary! Only eat what says "gluten-free," because even a teeny weeny bit of gluten can flare things up again.

Anxiety is one common symptom of someone suffering from celiac -- and other mental health issues like depression are common in a small percentage of the population. Most others have physical symptoms in the gut and digestive system. Beware, as it is often hidden in sauces and ready mix products, so be alert! Go off ALL gluten for a couple of months and reassess your energy and vitality!


It has been shown that we can't multitask and perform at our best! So despite what you think, try to focus on doing only one thing at a time -- it will save you energy and vitality!

Multitasking often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and that we have achieved nothing despite having been frantically busy. In fact, we underperform at most of the tasks when trying to do them all at once!

Take time to spiritually reenergize

What can you do that will renew your spirit? Restore your faith and being you a sense of peace?

I do my "rest in God" technique. I imagine I am a little toddler lying in God's enormous beautiful hand, and from there I feel so safe and protected and loved that my whole being sighs with peace and relief and I can truly rest.

Do you have an equivalent? Where can you go -- physically or in your mind -- to feel that same deep rest and relief. Go there a lot! It will recharge and renew your spirit.

Eat joyfully!

What you eat becomes you! Your mood and energy levels are so closely linked to what you eat, and I bet you know it! What foods make you feel refreshed and alert? What foods make you sleepy within 10 minutes?

Some caffeine is good -- too much is not and actually can affect the way your brain is wired. Too much sugar or soda type drinks actually have the same effect in terms of addiction as cocaine!

Using food as a coping mechanism isn't really the best way to deal with your fears. When you do eat good nutritious foods, say grace before you eat it and bless it! Thank it for the wonderful things it will do for your body -- it might sound strange to some, but I believe it works. Even if there is no research on this, just being grateful before you eat makes you more conscious and mindfulness is always a good thing!

There are just a few ideas on how to have more energy and vitality and why it matters for a joyful life!

Amanda Gore

*There is one place I know of in Australia that I trust to test this tricky to find little bug -- Tell Jennie I sent you! She is brilliant!

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