09/23/2014 06:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Benefits of TA-DA! -- Part II


Consider the word encourage, it stands for EN-courage -- that is, to put courage into someone else. That's what acknowledging a "TA-DA!" does. That's what acknowledging a silent "TA-DA!" does.

Whenever you see anyone doing something that as a little child they may have finished with a "TA-DA!" enthusiastically show them you noticed! If your mother just fixed something on the computer that scares her to pieces, if your teenager did something kind or hugged you, if your partner does something to make you feel special, if your children accomplish anything that they have worked hard to achieve, if a workmate does something worthwhile -- encourage them.

In fact, LOOK, ACTIVELY look for opportunities to see people doing something that would as a child have been followed with a "TA-DA!" -- at work AND at home. And then acknowledge them.

Discuss the idea of "TA-DAs" around your dinner table tonight and why not as a family -- allow and foster "TA-DAs!" If someone has done something positive -- you could say -- I think that deserves a "TA-DA!" And make it OK to have family "TA-DAs" no matter how old you are! You can make it a joke -- but it will bring wonderful energy, courage and self-confidence into you, your children's and your work-mate's lives.

I love it! And you can make the "TA-DAs!" very fancy! You can jump up and throw your hands in the air and feet out wide and shout proudly, "TA-DA!" Just make sure that whoever is around does a positive reinforcement -- if you do a TA-DA and someone goes "well, durrrrrr, what's the big deal!" then a TA-DA loses its magic! That's what they are -- magic. A magical way to have fun in your family -- or at work -- and a conscious reminder to encourage and acknowledge others. Your mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to go out today and every day and en-courage someone else!



Amanda Gore is an author, award-winning motivational speaker and joy facilitator. Her philosophy is that Joy is an Inside Job. Finding joy is the secret to more productive, creative, successful and happy humans -- at work and home. Amanda is also the director of The Joy Project.

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