01/02/2013 01:12 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

New Year's Heave

And just like that it's a new year.

Was I in a coma unbeknownst to me? Because I feel like I went to bed on NYE of 2011 and woke up on NYE of 2012. Nevertheless, the new year is here whether we like it or not. I myself am decidedly choosing to like it. New years are dope for several reasons:

1. You have a starting point for all the things you really should have been doing, but didn't bother to. With a new year it's the perfect time to use that gym membership you've been paying for but never using, to clean out that storage space of things you actually forgot you own, to truly to commit to stop sleeping with that asshole ("Leave him/her in 2012" is an excellent way to trick yourself into having the balls to treat yourself better). If you're a tea party racist it's a perfect time to throw away those pesky confederate flags/archaic ideas on supremacy away and accept that yes, our president is black and that's okay. For me, it's finally starting this blog that I definitely should have been doing all last year.

2. You have a birthday to look forward to. In most cases a year older is a good thing. More wisdom, more experience, and less damns given.

3. It feels like a fresh start, even though it isn't. Let's be honest, the same BS that was happening on December 31 is still happening on January 1, but for some reason that stroke of midnight is like a slate of fresh hope that this year you're gonna figure out how to fix the BS that was an unsolved Rubik's cube to you last year, aka 24 hours ago.

4. 365 days to own. 2012 wasn't all it cracked up to be? No problem. You have a brand spanking new, fresh out the box, never been used year to dig your heals into. Everybody says it, "I can feel it. This is my year." You know what? It just might frickin be. Own it!

Another great thing about a new year is it can be a great time of discovery and something I discovered this New Year's Eve, as I, with class and dignity, vomited cranberry colored vodka onto the vanilla hued floor of the PATH train, was that since crossing the threshold of 30, alcohol tolerance and I have gone our separate ways. It's literally like someone flipped a switch and I became this frail fairy of "fountain drinks only please!" My college days of chasing shots with Malibu and orange juice "get 'there' faster and stay 'there' longer" are long, long gone. It is official. I am a drinking wuss. But I honestly love it because at 31 going on 32 if I'm still priding myself on how much I can throw back, then my new year's resolution should be to get a life.

Happy New Year folks!  Let's be about something in 2013 (we've got a Kim and Kanye baby on the way if we don't invent hover boards or the cure for AIDS quickly it may be the most important story of the year. #nodice)