10/10/2013 08:15 am ET Updated Dec 10, 2013

Jobs Wanted: America

America is in need of some new job candidates. Here are its recent job postings:

Wanted: A highly innovative, out of the box thinker who doesn't see existing systems and structures as intimidating. A candidate who takes apart iPhones and puts them back together, who deconstructs the world and puts it back together, who stays up at night wondering why things aren't better, then wakes up in the morning to do something about it. Must be too smart for his/her own good, and not looking to open a franchise.
Job Posted By: Detroit

Wanted: A creative thinker, someone who is not afraid to stay up for 24 hours and can handle extreme changes in weather. A firm believer in making the world better through investing in an area that may seem like the last place on earth to invest time and resources. Must be adaptable, service focused and ready to gamble on something a lot bigger than a slot machine.
Job Posted By: Vegas

Wanted: Someone who finds problems and creates solutions. Someone who doesn't sit back and Facebook about all that is wrong in the world without any actual action associated with their words. Someone who is ready to work locally, to think globally, who cares about applying their brain and actions, and identifying their passion and making the world better.
Job Posted By: America

America is in need of entrepreneurs. This does not mean you should leave your full-time job and build an app, this means find a problem in the world, apply your brain to it, and do something about it. Don't talk about what you want to do, don't blog about what you want to do, don't tweet about all of the problems that are happening with the government, go out, take charge and work with, not against the people in your local community.

America is essentially a startup. Every four or possibly eight years, there is an exit strategy and a new fresh CEO comes in and tries to do the best he can to create as much success as possible in a short period of time. We are in the age of entrepreneurship. You can be a teacher, a steel worker, a restaurateur, a waiter, a banker, a blogger, I don't care what you are, you have the ability to apply your mind to a problem in the world and create a solution. That is what entrepreneurship is really about. This is not a political piece, it is a human piece.

Let's stop complaining and let's start doing.