06/15/2013 01:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is this weekend and Crappy Baby and I were talking about what to do for Crappy Papa.

I always ask the kids their ideas for stuff like this. They'll come up with something easy like cupcakes with "Papa" written on them. We'll make the cupcakes and then I'll present them with the explanation, "The kids wanted to make you cupcakes, it was their idea." And because it was their idea he'll feel all warm and fuzzy and he can't complain that all he got for Father's Day was another batch of cupcakes because it was their idea.

You see my motive? Having them come up with something takes all the pressure off. Besides, it is Father's Day. Not Husband's Day. The kids should be doing the heavy lifting in the ideas department.

So I ask Crappy Baby:


No? How could this be? He always has ideas.

Maybe I have to rephrase the question.


No again?


Dang. He isn't helping.

I know, I'll help him brainstorm!

I'll ask him a few questions about Papa's life and interests and that will hopefully spark an idea for Father's Day.

And here is a tiny snippet of the actual conversation complete with some crappy animation:

Happy Father's Day from Crappy Pictures!

Happy Father's Day!

Does your Father's Day celebration involve food?


Nope, Crappy Papa is not a chef. He does cook though. And eat.

Yes, for Father's Day this year his celebration will be mostly everything food. It was their idea.

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