07/08/2013 04:26 pm ET Updated Sep 07, 2013

Monster's University : Accepted


Adorable is the parody created from typical college life as we know it, to Monster University. Pixar films begins this prequel of Monsters Inc. on a school trip to the Scare Factory, where Michael Wazowski declares as a young monster that he wants to be a scarer! And, what an exciting and prestigious venture this is! But, it wont be easy. The business of frightening children as they slumber, is as difficult as it is dangerous. There's a precise skill level to inducing terror into human youngsters undetected and unscathed. Where does a nonthreatening yet determined little monster find this set of training? Well, a university of course! However, Mike soon finds out that not only is his hard work inadequate but it's also contributing to his unpopularity.

Overall this film is pretty cute and clever from the strict curriculum and rival fraternities, to learning the responsibility that comes from gaining one's independence. MU presents the monster's alma mater experience to be much like that of humans. Comedy is in the details from the elementary monsters on the school bus singing, "...the wing bone's connected to the horn bone..." to Art, the purple, shaggy, inverted "U" shaped monster, voiced by Charlie Day, yelling, "I can't go back to jail!" after he was cornered by the authorities. Also, Pixar doesn't disappoint with it's high level of artistic creativity that went into this wonderfully bright, colorful and alluring animation. It's one of the highlights of this film. Other accents include the unexpected instances when the pitiful underdogs of O.K. (Oozma Kappa) fraternity are able to triumph and shock everyone in parts of the Scare Games competition. It's pretty endearing.

There were a few set backs with this movie. Although the voice of Billy Crystal remains constant for the character of Mike from Monsters Inc., it is still far from that of an adolescent, freshman with a retainer. When elementary-age Mike transitions into collage-age Mike, it's strangely noticeable that Crystal's voice doesn't fit. And, with all the layers of camaraderie and competitiveness, unlike Monsters Inc., it's hard to find the actual point of Monsters University. The egotistical rivalry between Mike and Sullivan, voiced by John Goodman, lasts for almost the entire film. When they finally learn from their mistakes and attempt to climb up out of the deep hole they'd dug themselves into, there's only about five minutes left before the credits.

Therefore, for the sheer thrill of competition and the excitement that goes into the art form of scaring, kids will still enjoy attending Monster's University! I doubt it will be their favorite movie but, they'll laugh, be dazzled by the fantastic 3D animation, and digest several valuable lessons about what not to do in school. However, it really is for kids alone. Monsters U. lacks enough inside humor and depth to be simultaneously entertaining for adults.

I give Monsters University 3.5 out of 5 skittles.

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