11/01/2010 01:53 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Game Tied: All Up To You

Tomorrow is Election Day. Tomorrow, we have a choice: we can continue with the status quo, or we can fight to save our broken government and restore the promise of opportunity for Californians. It's all up to you. 

The direction of our community, our state, and our country is in your hands. We can move America forward, or we can surrender to the failed policies of George W. Bush. Which is why I urge you, exercise your power as an American citizen -- and vote!

And if you are one of the thousands who've already cast your ballot, make sure you help Get Out the Vote in these final hours -- if you still need some inspiration, watch our fantastic GOTV Video right now!

Together, we can bring opportunity back to northern California, and America. But now it's all up to you.

Be well, 

Dr. Ami Bera

P.S. -- When you vote, make sure to take someone with you! Get your friends and neighbors to the polls tomorrow -- we're all counting on you!