04/18/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Iraqi Bloggers Consider McCain

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Iraqi bloggers gave US presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain a lukewarm reception, during his recent visit to Iraq. One describes the visit as illegal, the other says Baathists would welcome seeing a Republican president continuing in the Oval Office and the third is adamant that Americans will elect McCain -- no matter what the world thinks.

Hammorabi makes it clear that McCain is not welcome in his country and describes his visit as "illegal" and "a failure." He notes:

JM surprised and undercover visit to Iraq meeting with his occupying mercenaries is illegal and against the sovereignty of the country. However this man behaves just like his master GWB as an occupying imperialistic force leader.

At least for the Iraqis, this man is not welcomed and we feel uncomfortable of his existence on our land especially visiting his mercenaries in our country without permission from the puppet government in Baghdad.

It is now 5 years since the barbaric invasion which was described as new crusades by the war criminal GWB and Iraq went from worse to worst and still declining down the hill in all aspects of life. It is foolish now to believe that the war was to liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussein because it imposed thousands of Saddam Hussein that behave like wild dogs. Not to mention corruptions on extremely wide scale.

The blogger further adds:

JM visit to Iraq is another failure and when he said that he is fearing from more attacks in the autumn because of the US election he means he fears not about the Iraqi lives neither about his soldiers lives but because of him may lose the election!

Al Tarrar
says Baathists are all for McCain and a Republican President in the US. He explains:

In a-never-cease-to-surprise me the Baathists are the first to champion a republican continuity in power for the USA when Bush's time is up. And it's all for a good cause, so they say.

A hard-core, never-let-go Baathist, who is currently in Amman but resides in Europe, has made it wonderfully clear that the Baathists would like to see the republicans in power for another 70 years because 'they (republicans) learned the lesson'. Iyad, who is a part-time businessman, was talking about his ideas and those of his 'comrades who are already in power!' about the relevance of maintaining Bush's men around for as long as it takes due to a set of common goals!!

"They know who we are and our strength; we sat with them a few times and today I think they see Iraq's future through our vision yet similarly we understand their system" Iyad adds "I believe their army officials have finally started to listen" and he thinks that the Americans in Iraq have been on the right track since the beginning of last year.

For them, Al Tarrar argues, a Democrat would be disastrous on Iraq. He writes:

The die-hard Baathist, however, is worried that if the democrats were elected then they would not know their way around Iraq, and a hasty withdrawal of American forces will result in Iran getting a total control of Iraq "if the Americans go don't be surprised when you see Iranian airplanes bombing both Sunnis & Shiites areas alike" Iyad is quite adamant that the Baathists will soon be back more resolute than ever and he says "the Americans are protecting our country from the Iranians just as President Saddam Hussein did, god bless his soul."

And Layla Anwar is adamant, too, that Americans will elect McCain to office come the November elections. She paints the following picture:

I'll bet you anything, that the Americans will vote for Mc Cain -- another one, again...
A hopeless case.
Mind you, if they vote for Hillary or Obama, it will amount to the same thing...
Something about Americans, they love a show of muscles. Trust me, we will show you muscles...but not the way you are used to...We love to surprise you.
In the meantime, Mc Cain will use the Al - Qaeda excuse to win votes. And again, I'll bet you anything, that the alleged Al-Qaeda will be eager to oblige... A few days back, some military official said that Al-Qaeda is preparing for a big event. The closer the elections, the greater Al-Qaeda event will be...

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