03/07/2012 06:44 pm ET Updated May 07, 2012

Can You Imagine?


Imagine if we told our loved ones how much we appreciate them and expressed that gratitude on a regular basis. Imagine if instead of holding onto positive praises for some day in the future, we expressed our love today.

Imagine if we said sorry more, forgave more, accepted responsibility more and took accountability more. Imagine the pain and scars we'd help heal, both in ourselves and in others.

Imagine if parents taught their children that regardless if you're a boy or a girl, it's okay to cry, to feel pain, to fall down... to be human. Imagine the emotionally intelligent men and women these children would grow up to be.

Imagine if we worked on loving ourselves first before entering a relationship with another. Imagine how much healthier our relationships would be.

Imagine if women helped boost other women up, and focused on supporting each other versus competing against one another and tearing each other down.

Imagine if we decided to redefine the status quo and create new norms. Imagine if our definition of success was based not on the size of our bank accounts, but on the wealth of our relationships and contributions to society.

Imagine if we stopped chasing the wrong things.

Imagine if we chose to be proactive and not wait for our health, relationships and friendships to deteriorate before we took action. Imagine the longer lives we would have and the happier and more fulfilled days we'd live in that lifetime.

Imagine if we took the mistakes in our lives and used them as fuel to make us become better people. Imagine if we changed our habits and destructive patterns. Imagine if we made that choice today.

Imagine if we stopped abusing substances, tranquilizing our pain and over satiating our senses. Imagine if instead we looked deep within to figure out the root of our insecurities, our shame, our restlessness and our fears. Imagine if we dealt with these issues instead of avoiding them with distractions. Imagine what healthier beings we would be and, as a result, the healthier relationships we would have.

Imagine if we had the courage to speak the truth, to hold our friends and loved ones accountable, even when it made us feel uncomfortable to do so.

Imagine if we decided to create beauty. If the base of our work and efforts were rooted in giving versus taking.

Imagine if we chose to be conscious of the fact that our actions and behaviour have ripple effects on the people closest to us. That what may seem like a trivial decision can hurt and damage the people we love the most. Imagine if we approached our decisions with such consideration and empathy.

Imagine your life if you were to change some of the patterns that hold you back. Imagine if you made better decisions instead of repeating the same negative habits. Imagine if you showed your love more, helped others more and made it an everyday practice to leave people better than how you found them.

Now, imagine if each and every one of us decided today to live life this way. Imagine what a world of beauty we'd create. Imagine how our children would grow up, how other children would treat our children, how much self-love we'd develop and consequently, how much love we could share with others. Imagine such a world where such beauty and compassion didn't have to live only in our imaginations, but was an everyday reality.

Call me a dreamer, but this is the world I want to live in.

What world do you imagine? And are you willing to create it?

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