01/28/2016 01:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Stop Worrying and Start Believing Big


Greg Rakozy

Take a moment to consider your day. Has your stomach churned? Your heart raced? Have your shoulders seized up like there's an orangutan on your back? That full body clench that comes from clutching the hot wire of worry.

Yuck. I get it. AND... Worry doesn't move your life along. It just keeps you stuck.

Imagine your favorite vehicle, decked out and detailed. You're cruising along, looking way cooler than Matthew McConaughey and suddenly you have a flat tire. You pull over and just sit there, not using the jack or the spare or AAA to fix it.

Sometimes our lives have been wadded up with worry so long, we think we are permanently stranded, defective, doomed. We've forgotten what's under the hood, failed to remember we are designed and created for power and performance. We're so focused on the blasted tire, we miss the trip

What a waste.

Waste -- that's what worry is in a nutshell.

A waste of time, energy, assets, capacity, talents, gifts, faith, and opportunities.

In the book the Worry Cure, a study revealed that 85 percent of what participants worried about turned out better than they expected. Even negative outcomes, they handled better than they worried they would and learned a valuable lesson from the experience.

So why do we worry?

An article by Victoria Stern in the Scientific American says, "Chronic worry stems from a craving for control."

Ironic, right? Worry is born from our desire to control things and the very act of worrying causes us to feel totally out of control.

That must be why Jesus tells us not to worry, because he doesn't want us to feel stressed and spinning out of control.

I've often heard people say, "control is an illusion," that we aren't really in control of anything.

That's dumb.

We have more control than we know how to claim, but we've learned to be "settlers."

Have you seen that Direct TV commercial with the family of settlers?  I'm putting it here just in case you haven't because it's brilliant.

I believe this is what we often do as children of God who don't recognize our inheritance and authority; we settle.

We settle for lives that are less than God has prepared for us. We settle for joyless jobs, mediocre marriages, disconnected families, haphazard health, emotional unrest, shallow spirituality, unmet callings, and floundering finances. We settle for what the world says is (and is not) available to us and we don't ask and read and believe what God says. (There's so much good stuff I can't cover it in this post but there's a program for that.)

We settle; then we sit on the sideline of our lives and worry about it.

Here's my point, let's stop settling.

Next time you think or say, "I'm worried about (fill in blank)," replace it with, "I'm settling for (fill in the blank)."

Then don't. Don't settle for that! Lay it all the way down and pick prayer all the way up.

Not, "Oh please, Jesus... if you don't mind and it's not too much trouble, but I hate to bother you with this..." kind of prayer. That's weak sauce.

And Jesus wants you to bring the awesome sauce-

The kind of prayer that says, "No. Way. I'm not settling for (fill in the blank). You are the bomb-diggety, Jesus. I love you and I trust You in every nook and cranny of  my life. I am grateful for exactly where I am AND expect You will do infinitely more than I know or think or ask. I am believing for BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL things. Nothing is off limits or beyond You and I belong to you, so I'm. Done. Settling."

We are loved by an infinitely good Creator, who does not settle. And everything He has is ours.

Want to stop worrying and start winning in life?

Stop expecting small, dreaming small, hoping small, believing small.

Don't worry; pray. Don't settle; make way.

Write this stuff down too -- what you are believing big for. You'll want to stay consistent in your asking and have a record of the amazing work Jesus will do in you and for you and through you.