07/10/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

98 ½ Miles an Hour is Just Fine

Sometimes in life we are given moments that make us stop whatever we are doing and take note. I, like many others, lead a hectic life. I work full time and then some. In addition to raising my children, taking care of a house, being a wife and a friend to my husband, all of these things alone could have been considered a full time job 50 years ago. Today's woman has to manage them all. If you ask your average 2010 woman when was the last time they took a moment to stop, look around, take a deep breath and enjoy a moment, I think you would find they would really have to think about that. Some might say they can't remember. I think I could be counted amongst the "can't remember" crew. That was until a few short weeks ago.

It was your average day in the life of an employee working for a start-up social media platform, moving ahead at 100 miles an hour, fingers banging off the keys of the keyboard, the phone ringing next to me, Skype binging every few minutes with a question or whatnot. All the while a load of laundry going in the washroom, my children playing the old "mom he won't get out of my room" game, and a husband rambling around the house looking for something he may or may not have found, I am not sure as I never had time to ask. I'm sure you can all relate.

I noted that someone had put up a new post on our BlogTalkRadio blog page, The title was "Remembering Sunny." Let me tell you a little about Sunny. Sunny was someone who was part of the BlogTalkRadio family for a long time. She did a show and she was a frequent friend in the chat rooms. She was a constant in our lives for a long time. A friendly hello from Sunny as you came onto a show page in the chat box had become part of our lives, sort of like walking into a coffee shop and there is someone there to greet you every morning at the same time with a smile. That person becomes a positive part of in the fabric of your every day life , as Sunny did.

I read the blog and there started my moment. Sunny had passed away after a long battle with cancer. This blog was linked to a 30 minute recording of Sunny's last Blogtalkradio Show. I managed to listen to it all, thankful for the box of Kleenex upon my desk, and today thankful for listening. She had tearfully spent 30 minutes reflecting on her life and thanking people, speaking of regrets, talking of milestones.

This moment is what has brought me back to a place where I will take the time to stop what I am doing and take note of the things I am missing, the things I am too busy to notice during the day, taking a bit more time for me. This blog is the first of my moments, getting back to writing a bit, which is a passion of mine. Each post is like a stolen moment for me. It is time for just me and my thoughts, with no interference of phone, Skype, kids, or husband. Being the multi-tasking addict that I am it will be hard, but moving at 100 miles an hour does leave you with some regrets and I'm sure 98 ½ miles an hour will be just fine.