02/09/2015 05:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Can It Ever Be?


Can it ever be?
I ask myself over and over.

Can it ever be,
new and alive
like morning clover
With dew drops a'glistening?

Can it ever be,
best friends, in the sun
basking in the warmth of fun
Where nothing else can make it undone?

Can it ever be, where sunsets and day light
meet at twilight on a threshold of wonder-
as life's concerns bring us closer
like the doves in the morn?

Can it ever be,
where hasten goes fast,
and holding goes slow,
not knowing the wait will ultimately show
promise of a sun with hands held high, singing
We've Only Just Begun.

While those Carpenters nail and form
music, melodies and parodies.
like white lace and promises
to tunes we wish we could hear,
lest hope rules over fear.

Will it ever be
anew, afresh, awash
with swept away tears,
with more years to celebrate cheer
Of all the eons of our life,
where death, will be met, like the revolving door,
that spits one life in, as it takes another- and we watch it leave...
This is the Doorway Of Truth-your in and your out.

Play, as I say-
Play with me
In the sandbox of time
and the grains of space that open
wounds for us to erase.

A Life. Lived. Together...
without any clenching or fighting,
reaching and clawing
but Life given with love,
conceived in Love and shared with Love-
All taken for grace
Neither accounted for, nor conditioned to be
anything nor something other than you loving me.