02/25/2013 10:11 am ET Updated Apr 26, 2013

Invest in Love Over Time

Much like an investment that you put money into for the long term, so is the relationship. Is the value of an investment measured by what the investment garnered based on only today, or over the long term with it's potential to peak and create stability over time? Are we in a relationship for what it gives us, right now, its "return" in this one moment... or for its most fullest potential, the long-term savings capability with the bird's eye view?

If we micro-analyzed a particular stock minute by minute, day in and day out, and judged our decisions whether to keep the stock based on that day's earnings or losses or everyone else's opinion of whether we should keep that investment or not, many of us would have no savings, and certainly no investments. So the same with "long-term relationships" -- LTR. Those who have stood the tests of time, the challenges of our self-growth (slow, static, inert, painful, passionate, vibrant and/or flowing) in the context of the evolution of our mates becoming who they are in their own humanity.

So how do we invest in relationships? Do we remain conservative, rock it with radical decision, invest or sell? In relationships, it is that it is not so much about the other person, as much it is about the investment in ourself and with what attitude we choose to participate. Our "becoming-ness" over the long term invests wisely in all we connect to, even the most intimate.

Let it be you.

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