01/08/2012 09:13 am ET Updated Mar 09, 2012

WHiP It! The Wisdom of Wholeness

How many of us feel empty, disconnected from our work, our significant others and things present in our lives? An apathy, a sense of sleepwalking living, where we become victims to other modes of power, people, ideas or expectations -- conscious or not... and then THAT designs our lives.

The gift of being human, in every possible and probable way -- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually -- is ours to evolve, expand and emerge, and take it to its latest, greatest version. Many of us have felt disempowered, displaced, discounted and deeply insecure as youngins that we have recapitulated a state of separation that we take deep into our adulthood. It may show itself in who we choose for a partner, what and how we do business and who we bow to as our gods. This is all a symptom of feeling and being separated from our connection to something much larger than ourselves. The gift is we get to CHOOSE our life. We get to co-participate on our journey here, in this time, in this space, now.

In my life it has been so difficult to define myself by one thing or another, and thought I HAD to, creating a separation from the "real" me. I somehow, from a very early age, intuited that we are all pieces of a reflected whole. That there was something more than met the eye. I felt it. The prismatics, the fractal pieces of the "One," such as the notion that "the ocean is inside the drop and the drop is inside the ocean" is what gives us this wisdom. Who knew that an ocean drop is a .zip file to something ever greater and ever more universal? Can we take this metaphor and apply it to how we, as humans, use our gift of being alive in this time and space?

Take this universal view of interconnectedness and apply it to all the current events of politicking, social behaviors, diseases, ethical practices of medicine, businesses -- to the challenge of accepting alternative medicine and it's practices as a viable accepted option -- and just the drive of mass media and it's influence on how we prioritize, work and think. We have lost connection to our interconnectedness. We still think there is a box, so whether you step into it, or out of it... the real question is: Why a box? Who needs a box? Those who wish to separate do. What possibilities of an expanded awareness of potential would that open up?

If we take the premise, as the Tantrikas do, that life is to be affirmed with every way life unfolds and expresses itself -- from the divine sweetest to the most profane -- then, "the good, the bad and the ugly" phenomenon invites us to see that all people, events, places and things are interconnected, coming out of a life wishing to express itself. This philosophy is not Pollyana-ish in thinking that we should have fairytales with "happily ever afters" that look and feel like "happily ever afters," but mostly what we are given and what is created is often better than what we thought we wanted. We rise above, over and through to this new evolved version of ourselves. We are the very idea, the purpose, the gift -- in manifest form -- of what the universe was trying to give to us. We are the gift seeking itself. We are the diversifications, individually, of the "One," connecting to and fro -- from the universal to the individual. We are the ever-greater individual drop of a universal ocean.

So when we remember and see ourselves as whole beings, much like jigsaw puzzle pieces sitting in a box, waiting to put together, we can then return back to the "Whole Life" we were meant to live in 2012 and beyond. When we wake up, awaken to the truth that we are a part of a grand play then we make choices that continually and recursively affirm life's desire to live, to create and to express the more-ness we all so desire, from a place of an integrated inherancy of the whole. We are all little oak trees disguised as acorns, dancing in the cool fall. Underground we are all in the same experience of the darkness, rooting and trusting that what magically transforms acorns to trees, does in fact, happen to us, if we just allow life to be life with love. Ah.

With that said, in the technological world of curation, the process of filtering information on a topic, we are all curators of our own lives. We get to be a part of the filtering process of what life shows us -- we get to pick, choose, use discernment of HOW we wish to roll. Will it be the "old" way -- to live with the "love of power" and linear thinking, boxes of separation or, my choice, will we get to embrace the age-old premise of the "power of love," with it's interconnectedness creating whole living inside our lives and all the potentials and possibilities that it offers. We can choose to align to the power and forces of the "One" who expresses itself as US, which is made of the power of love.

My earning power, the way I do business, the way I relate to anyone -- no matter color, class or creed, no matter starlet or pauper -- is infused with love worn as my power pack, always was, and always will be. This is my dream -- to serve fully, engage with those who choose love, connection and humility in a time of great opportunity. Just imagine.

Amy Elias, MS is the founder of WHiP It! Productions: Where Wisdom, Health, Integrity and Passion Merge.

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