Money Stories: Remove the Veils and Use Insight of Mindsight

07/15/2013 08:14 pm ET Updated Sep 14, 2013

Resolution of a money story is resolution of a life story. Our relationship with money mimics our relationship with life itself. As Einstein said, "You can never solve a problem on a level on which it was created, " which also phrases into, "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." So it is to say that the solution to a problem is NEVER found at the level of the problem, so therefore, don't look anywhere near where money is. Look elsewhere.

When we fix the other parts of our life, we fix the money part. Money, on an energetic level, is a physical manifestation of who we are -- the vibe we put forth into the quantum physical field. We tend to forget this and begin to obsess and focus repeatedly upon money as the issue. Once obsessed upon, we begin to want to save it, hoard it, think miserly about it -- creating more of what we do not want. It follows the universal law of "like attracts like." The focus upon money keeps us away from healing that which needs our full attention.

Abundance is the symptom and side benefit of a life well lived. The lack of it is also a symptom of how we are living life. From a functional medicine perspective, better to seek the cause of an illness, rather than stare at symptoms, just to become immobilized by their presence. We can see that money -- the abundance or lack thereof -- is simply how we are living and being the virtuosity of ourself, or not. It is how we sit, how we engage, how we love, how we connect, how we carry ourselves in the world. It is "our" carrying of our own self that does it -- our mark in the world.

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask the following of yourself: "Is my body showing the world I respect myself, love myself? Is my chest full and my heart wide? Do I slouch? Do I pause before I react, and respond from the wellspring of wisdom that I already am? Am I prideful in my choices? Does my diet reflect an ordered way of preparing, eating and digesting? Does my home reflect the self esteem that I wish to see in my bank account? Does the trunk of my car bespeak the same clarity and alignment I wish for my money corner of life?" These will help you assess where some inner re-calibrating may need to occur. The best way is to release one pattern of habit, and pick up a new one, in order to shift the energy of the whirring patterning that has already occurred.

We can heal our money story by rewiring, re-calibrating and reinventing ourself in the present moment of our own live, living, breathing form of our life story. By glorifying all other areas of our life we can create a new alignment plan and rewire our old story to a new story that saves us from living that downward spiral of feeling unworthy in a cyclic life cycle of stagnation. By re-calibrating we can release the worrying, thinking, reworking, scheming, staying up at night thinking in the cycle of repetition that leaves us feeling unworthy because of the story we had been living. Freedom comes from tapping into that morphogenetic field of raw, effortless potential that we own. So to generate it, we need to keep on looking everywhere else -- clean up, feel successful there, and generate the shift that affects the money sector. Money is the side benefit of a life story well told and well lived. Then we get to broadcast this from our optimal blueprint and manifest more shifts in our relationships, our career, our job, our family, our life.

An old adage states that your SELF WORTH = NET WORTH.
Everything becomes worthy of your greatness.

How you pack your car, answer your phone, hang your clothes, respect your relationships to time, others and yourself. This is a systems world, so go for your own self honor. Go back and review your own self care. Nourishing yourself and expecting the best of yourself. Expect more for yourself and accept less of what diminishes you. So, treat yourself to a bubble bath, groom those finger nails -- they are the mirror to your soul -- and clean up your act everywhere and watch your money story reorganize itself with each new habit of self honor you adopt.