12/28/2012 05:50 pm ET Updated Feb 27, 2013

Not Good Enough, Not By a Long Shot

Todays headline: "Dems to Introduce Gun Control Law on First Day of Congress." But look beneath the headline and find that it's not really a gun control bill at all. It's not even a halfway measure, its actually Dems to introduce bill to ban the production of high capacity weapons. The bill would limit the rounds of ammunition to ten per magazine (if you have two guns that adds up to twenty), forget that we're not banning any existing weapons at all. So, pablum. Milquetoast. And totally unacceptable. And might I also point out that one of the sponsors of the bill is Diana DeGette (D.Colo), and not to be "statist" about it (for the record, I coined that word) -- I really don't think Colorado should be writing our gun control laws.

Really, what happened to the bill President Obama was going to promote? What happened to the one Dianne Feinstein was touting?

There is absolutely no reason in a civilized society for assault weapons, at all.

Not in the hands of citizens or law enforcement officials or contractors with "security" clearance. No reason, at all.

Newtown was a perfect storm. A young adult male who may have had emotional problems, a penchant for video games, and a mother who allegedly was a Doomsday Prepper and believed the economy was about to collapse and she needed to protect herself from an imagined ensuing horde of anarchist looters. (Note to Nat Geo, maybe you should think about taking that show off the air; the Discovery Channel has cancelled American Gun and Gun Country, in the wake of the Connecticut tragedy.) And Newtown should have been a wake up call for all. Especially our representatives in Washington, D.C.

Their mission, at the moment, should be to get assault weapons off the street. Nothing is acceptable except a ban on assault weapons.

I, for one, am tired of hearing about the powerful lobby of the NRA. I'm tired of the fearmongering of Wayne LaPierre, who insists there are monsters in our midst and the only solution is lockdown and armed guards in our elementary schools? Really? The real solution is to get assault weapons out of the homes in America and off the streets of our cities and towns.