02/21/2012 11:58 am ET Updated Apr 22, 2012

Laughing Man... Still Smiling

By Ashley M. Gayle

If you could throw X-men, The Prestige, and Swordfish into a blender you'd have the fierce, devilishly tasty punch that is Hugh Jackman. But when he's not busy bringing us movies we can't live without, Jackman is bringing all that's good to every morning. Laughing Man, the lovechild of an international bromance is home to coffee, tea, chocolates and gifts from determined communities globally. Beginning with a trip to Ethiopia to meet friend and local coffee farmer Dukale, Hugh Jackman's humanitarian mission was born.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, so this gourmet food baby is nurtured just as such. With the help of close friend and coffee biz veteran Barry Steingard, his son David Steingard and Culinary Institute of America grad/competing barista Queenie Fok, Jackman took a stab at the coffee business... and we're so excited he did!

The roots of this project lie in supporting local farmers from countries like Ethiopia and Indonesia. More than anything though, there is an obvious focus on bringing people together in a way that makes their talents shine. Laughing Man only backs people and companies that they believe in and that believe in their motto "All be Happy"; so that only the highest quality products go from farm to you. Their company has changed lives worlds over by creating jobs and new beginnings for people in the difficult gourmet beverage industry. What really sets Laughing Man apart is their focus on community health. In an effort to bring people together with farming and selling, they tell stories and create memories that are the heart of what "All be Happy" is about. Did we mention they take all of the profits received -- yes, 100 percent -- from these community efforts and donate it to charity? Because they certainly do. Talk about the snack that gives back.

They stay true to their motto, by keeping an intense focus on making the customer the star, and who can argue with that? By highlighting the flavors and strengths of different regions of the world, this is truly a global experience. What we really appreciate about this operation (aside from their passion and dedication) is the humanity behind it. Laughing Man aims to make everyday a chance to learn, grow and be better than the day before. When life brings you down, they remind you to smile and laugh just a little more. And who doesn't need that sort of pick me up in the morning?

But let's not forget what brought this Laughing Man Worldwide team effort together in the first place, the wide array of culinary creations. What started it all was of course?... the coffee. With flavors from different regions of the world including Papua New Guinea, Peru, Jampit Estate, Guatemala and more, you'll be taking a trip around the globe without leaving your kitchen. There are a variety of brewing methods as well, ranging from Eva Solo to Single Pour Drip. If you want something a little more exotic, try their teas which range from Herbal French Lemon Ginger to White Tea Coconut Creme...YUM! If you want that extra dose of indulgence, take a stab at the luscious chocolate box sets and hot chocolate. And if you want to show just how happy you are that Laughing man is in your life now, get one of their classy mugs.

Warm your hearts and kitchens with the scents of inspiration that Laughing Man emulates. With photos of laughing friends on every package, their products are sure to put a smile on your face. They sure put one on ours.