01/12/2012 08:02 am ET Updated Mar 13, 2012

Milkshake -- It's All Good!

By Amy Jurkowitz and Katy Kelleher

Milkshake, founded just a year ago is a free daily email that features all that's good -- products, people, places, causes and companies. Every day we bring one story to our dedicated and growing community about a discovery, a situation, an idea that showcases someone or something making a difference and giving back. With all the heavy news out there we wanted to feature news that would inspire and lighten up someone's day. There is so much that goes on in the world that is positive, moving things forward, making change happen and we are lucky to be writing about it.

We named the company Milkshake for that same reason -- who doesn't love a Milkshake -- they ALWAYS make people feel good and happy so why not build a brand around that same feeling.

What we love most about Milkshake is finding the stories and products and people who are mostly unknown but making big impacts. Our readers love the discoveries we bring to them and mostly because they can support them knowing they are making a difference.

- Maddie Brandenburger -- a Senior at Wake Forest -- traveled to Africa for fun and came home and started a cause, The Snap Project.

- Noonie Thompson -- Oncologist, Mother of 4, had a mastectomy and realized the experience could be better and started a company making bags with specific products in it.

- Red Twist, a company started by Amy Cooper making cashmere wraps when she lived in China, supports helping young girls attain an education in China with proceeds from profits.

We are thrilled to begin blogging on HuffPost's "Good News" section. We'll bring Milkshake's good finds to you -- products we love that give back, people making a difference, tips to living a healthy and green life. Milkshake is a movement -- a movement to live the good life and make a difference. We say this about Milkshake...

It's all good!
good for you; good for others
good for the world; good for the planet


Amy Jurkowitz is the CEO and Co-founder of Milkshake.

Katy Kelleher is the Editor of Milkshake Kids.