02/25/2013 05:02 pm ET Updated Apr 27, 2013

10 Home Essentials Everyone Should Have

Whether you are moving into a new place or redecorating, renting or buying, favor modern over farmhouse, knowing just what you need to make your place feel like a home can be overwhelming. Start with the basics, an outline, so to speak, in the beginning. That way you do not feel the pressure to choose every detail right away. It's best to take the time to fill in from there.

The following list of top ten details to start with can work with any color scheme, mood and budget. They can also be kid-friendly while equally inviting to quality adult time. Browse your favorite stores and some new ones and search online as well. Happy shopping!

Make your house or apartment a home with these living essentials

Art: Whether it's a Warhol or your daughter's scribbles.

Inviting dining table: That means a comfy place for family dinners, homework, after-school snacks.

A statement piece: Think over-sized mirror or bright ottoman, but you'll want it to be kid-friendly or placed high up

Storage space: The Container Store is your best friend.

Door mat: It's the first thing your family and guests see when they arrive.

A versatile vase: You deserve flowers--check out MOMA and other museums for fantastic and unique designs.

Chill space: Every home needs a place to unwind, make sure you have at least one comfy couch or chair.

A clean closet: Organization is key, especially in the early morning rush.

Vanity: A little space for your pampering stuff inspires. It makes putting that extra little effort all the more appealing.

Coat rack or hooks Pace it right by the door to avoid a mess of outerwear when the kids get home from school.