07/14/2011 06:09 pm ET Updated Sep 13, 2011

JR Launches New Video Collective -- How Are You Contributing?

Since the TED Prize winner JR announced his wish in March to turn the world Inside Out, thousands of people have participated in what we hope will be the world's largest participatory art project.

From every corner of the planet, people have uploaded their personal statements and portraits to -- and then taken to walls, streets, windows, and bridges to paste these images, either on their own or as part of a larger group.

As of today, there is a new way to observe this art project in action -- an Inside Out YouTube Channel where people can reveal their work by uploading videos of their actions -- and see how others are engaging in JR's wish.

This video collective will be housed at

I encourage you to peruse and contribute videos of your Inside Out action to the site -- which includes the first beautiful and provocative piece from director Alastair Siddons, who has been following JR from Tunisia to North Dakota and beyond as he joins a handful of global actions.

While Alastair will upload a new film each month, he cannot be everywhere at once. Truly, it is the footage from participants around the world that will demonstrate the reach and impact of JR's wish.

I have no doubt that we can turn this world Inside Out -- and watch as it happens. And we need your contribution to create a collective of images, languages, personal missions, and perspectives.