02/28/2012 01:34 pm ET Updated Apr 29, 2012

TED and New Platform for Ocean News, Hope, Action

In 2009, Dr. Sylvia Earle made her Ted Prize wish to do anything we can to create awareness of the need for marine protected areas to save and restore the ocean.

In response, 100 scientists, conservationists, advocates, artists, and concerned citizens set sail for a week in the Galapagos to learn, share and collaborate. Unbelievable things came out of this voyage.

We raised awareness, and almost $20 million. We let people know about state of the ocean and what's needed to fix it. We organized around key ocean initiatives and committed to action plans around education, enforcement, protection, and long-term funding strategies. We also formed an international coalition around Mission Blue -- supported by the Sylvia Earle Alliance (SEAlliance) and TED -- with partners dedicated to protecting our ocean.

In the two years since, we've made incredible progress, and a Mission Blue site unveiled today will track this progress and serve as a news source for all things ocean. brings together hundreds of partners, and reports on the incredible spectrum of work so many are doing to save our ocean and take on its greatest threats.

It would have been amazing to have the world on the voyage with us, but that wasn't possible. Today that changes. Live from TED in Long Beach, we launched this new site among a small group that was there with Mission Blue from the start -- knowing that we were now inviting the whole world onboard.