05/03/2013 12:03 pm ET Updated Jul 03, 2013

The Making of Tibi's Spring Velocity Print

When we kick off the creative process for each new season, we must figure out how to fuse new silhouettes and trends with the established Tibi aesthetic. As part of this process, a signature print that defines the season emerges, complementing the assortment of essential and statement pieces. The fashion world is experiencing a print moment, saturating consumers with myriad options. We keep this market context in mind so that we ensure that our prints not only stand out in the crowd but also have an extra element of craftsmanship and visual interest.

With this spring's Velocity print, we started with a photograph of a flower field that was deconstructed and then re-assembled digitally. The elements of the photograph were layered as we, experimented with focus, saturation and unexpected colors. My team decided to take the design one step further by adding a layer of geometric shapes, a trend that flows through our entire spring collection. I loved the result: a whimsical floral element uniquely contrasted with the stark angularity of geometric contours.

When creating the print, the fabric we select is just as important as the design itself. For spring, we put silk aside and championed denim for its versatility and ability to neutralize a bolder print. Our spring denim was crafted into a slouchy cut to serve our customer who prefers relaxed and effortless fits. I wear Tibi's Velocity denim pant with a grey sweatshirt and Haider Ackerman woven flats or the Velocity structured dress with Superga sneakers and a round shouldered jacket.

Take a look at the Velocity print.

The Making Of: Spring's Velocity Print