Where to Find Sparkly Bliss

The bliss is waiting.

Underneath the resistance we feel, is a deep, lovely bliss. When we experience people, places, and things rubbing up against us, friction is created. Friction exists for a reason. Don't resist the friction.

Stop. Resisting.

Resisting will only bring discontent. What we resist persists. Let's let ourselves be rubbed. Right or wrong. Let the rubbing begin! Under all the discomfort is where we will find sparkly, delicious bliss.

Down with the resistance!

When we are rubbing up against something we are being sanded down into the beautiful gem that we are, and when we resist the rubbing, we resist the sparkle and the shine. Everything is connected in this wild world and we are always being pushed and pulled by the energy that surrounds us. This tug of war is of our own creation and we have consciously or subconsciously attracted this friction to help us glow a little bit brighter.

But why, we ask ourselves?! Why do we attract people, places or things that drive us absolutely bonkers?

There is always a reason for everything. Even if it is the reason we assign.

Perhaps we can cultivate a deeper patience, get a fresh look at what we believe, maybe we're being called to a greater compassion.

Is someone showing us who we don't want to be? That in itself is a gift.

Here's a personal example. Constant complainers bug the crap out of me. We all complain, but some people do it every time you talk to them. Here's the bad news: I'm pretty sure it drives me nuts because I used to be like that. Womp womp. The complainer is holding up a mirror to my past and a vibrational energy that no longer suits me and doesn't feel right to me anymore.

THANK YOU, constant complainer!

Thank you for helping me to remember and continue working on looking for the good instead of bashing everything and everyone.

Everything in the world emits a vibration. There is an energy coming off of every thought we think, every word we speak, and every person, place or thing we come in contact with. It's as if there is a river of energy constantly surrounding us and we can choose to stay in the flow by dropping the resistance to the vibes around us, or resist the current and be dragged and pushed and pulled and yanked about.

Let us be gently moved, sweetly rubbed, but most of all, we have to let ourselves be affected. And we have to ask us why we are affected.

We are waking up to a new power of consciousness and it's time to stop avoiding the vibrations around us.

Time to stop running from the pain and angst, and instead, face the things that bother us and say thank you for the connectedness and the rising consciousness.

Sitting quietly in meditation is a great way I've found to drop into the flow and consciously let go of resistance. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Put on some instrumental music that soothes you to help you find the sweet spot inside your mind if you wish. As you sit there, relax your muscles, from the tippy top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. Let your bones and your body rest.

Then, just do it!

Physically, spiritually and emotionally, drop the resistance. Let. Go.

Drop the resistance to the vibrations that are around you and you will feel things you have never felt. Emotions will come up if you let them. Thoughts will fly free. Inspiration will come. Vibrations are everywhere present. You will actually feel them in your body if you can truly let go. Your torso will gently sway and swoon and you will feel a deeper letting go than you have ever felt. Give it a try.

Uncover the bliss that is hiding beneath the resistance of anger, bitterness and resentment. Ask yourself three simple questions:

1. What really bugs me?
2. How can I frame it from the perspective of growth?
3. What can I be grateful for here?

Everything is ONE! This song, "One with Everything," was co-written with the fabulous Gary Lynn Floyd at The Circle of Love spiritual gathering. It is from my newest CD, Broken Open. We wrote it in this tiny little chapel with the light streaming through the windows. I'll never forget it because, honestly, I think the song wrote itself. It was so effortless. We were in the flow. There was no resistance. It was bliss.

Insist on Bliss.