02/12/2015 06:15 pm ET Updated Apr 13, 2015

Life is Like a Big Video Game

You know, sometimes explaining things to kids in a way that they can understand is tough, especially about life's big questions that I, myself don't fully understand.

More recently, those 10,000 kid questions have sparked questions in my own mind around life. Here's what I've come up with around those questions, as simplistic as it may seem, it works for me.

Life is like a big video game.

1. We're plopped down here on Earth to learn new things and unlock new levels. Those new levels are always just beyond those things that scare the shit (er, poop) out of us, like slaying fire breathing dragons or jumping over huge hurdles that seem impossible. Getting to those new levels is rarely, if ever, completed on the first try. Sometimes it takes hundreds of times doing seemingly the same things and you want to go nuts in the process, but then you finally get something that you didn't before and BOOM! It happens.

2. Someone on the other side has the controls. Stop worrying and do your very best in the game. Remember that the dude with the controls has played this game millions of times before and you aren't alone.

3. The game is already pre-written before you even start. Your life has a specific purpose. Jump on all of the golden coins that you can, doing things that you love and things that light you up inside. Those coins will lead you to your finish line.

4. We're all in multi-player mode. When your fellow gamers do something to hurt you in the game, intentional or not, remember that it's just a game. All of the players are learning how to maneuver. We're all doing the best that we can with what we have. On the other side there are no hard feelings or a need for revenge. It's all good and we all learn and grow.

5. There is a goal. Once your goal is met or you just get tired of playing it's game over and your mission is done. Some games are shorter than others. Some last for-ev-er.

6. You might start again with a new game later when you're ready to conquer something new.

Dedicated to my Uncle who played hard in a game that seemed way too short.
I love you.
Bryan Stewart 5/4/62- 2/11/15