11/05/2013 03:40 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

What Facebook Doesn't Tell Us

Sometimes we wanna do something we really wanna do.
Something we really believe in.
Something we really care about.

And sometimes things don't go as we expect them to go.

We wanna write that beautiful book (but don't find the words to say what we wanna say).
We wanna pitch that amazing idea (but get a less than response).
We wanna create that brilliant project (but we don't know where to start).

And then we are tempted.

To quit the writing.
Ditch the idea.
Shelve the project.

After all, we seem to be the only ones struggling.

Reading those glorious posts on Facebook.
Hearing those swanky success stories over dinner.
Listening to those hyper "Oh, things are going so great!" conversations.

And then we are sure. It's us -- we're the only ones struggling.

It was not meant to be.
It was just a beautiful dream.
And a waste of time.

But know that struggles, erase and delete and start again, no's and closed doors
are just as much part of the process as
the smooth writing, the ecstatic yes! responses and doors flung wide open.

They just don't get as much airplay as the successes do.
They're tuned down,
drowned in the silence of shame and doubt and fear.

Don't let that silence, make you go silent.

Keep using your voice.
Keep telling your story.
Keep creating your dream.

This is a poem in the Poetry for the Soul series, encouraging you to do your thing instead of living out everyone else's expectations and working hard to be flawlessly perfect. Because living their dream and abandoning yours is exhausting, unfulfilling and such a pity. You are so much more than you give yourself credit for. There's no need to hide what makes you YOU. We need your one-of-a-kind brilliance.