10/08/2012 05:10 pm ET Updated Dec 08, 2012

DIY Farmhouse Bench Featured In The Handbuilt Home By Ana White (PHOTOS)

Here at HuffPost Home we love a good DIY project. So, when we found out avid DIYer Ana White was releasing her fist book, The Handbuilt Home, we had to feature one of her most beautiful projects to celebrate. Below is an excerpt from White's book, which will be available October 9th, on how to create a beautiful farmhouse bench.

A simple wood bench with a few pretty details will bring character and charm to any space. With this farmhouse bench, we've created economical and attractive seating for our farmhouse table (page 73). But this bench could also work at the foot of a bed, as a spot to sit and remove boots in the entryway, or even as a coffee table. It is simple to build, yet sturdy and strong, and it makes the perfect beginner project. The only power tools you must have are a jigsaw and a finish nailer.

2 8'-long 1x12s
2 8'-long 1x2s
2 8'-long 1x3s
Wood glue
2" finish nails
Finishing supplies

Basic hand tools
Circular saw
Finish nailer

2 17¼"-long 1x12s (sides)
1 52"-long 1x12 (bottom shelf)
1 59½"-long 1x12 (bench top)
2 59½"-long 1x3s (top trim)
2 15½"-long 1x2s (side trim)
1 50½"-long 1x2 (bottom shelf trim)

Farmhouse Bench