10/13/2013 06:35 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2013

Halloween 2013 Trends: Consumers Expected to Spend $6.9 Billion

With fall properly reinstated, Americans are preparing for their next autumnal endeavors like changing wardrobes, carving pumpkins, planning home and garden decorations and so on.

Halloween shopping is in full swing. This is one of the most favorite holidays that adults and children alike are looking forward to with anticipation.

According to the latest consumer survey of the National Retail Federation (NRF), 158 million people are getting ready to partake in this year's Halloween activities. 72 percent of them plan to hand out candy, nearly 48 percent will decorate their home and yard, and 44 percent will carve a pumpkin.

Adults are ready to pay for their children's costumes $1.4 billion, while lavishing their pets with outfits that factor in for $330 million.

Total spending is estimated to be 14 percent lower than in 2012, "yet slightly higher than 2011," according to NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay, who also adds in a recent CNBC interview that "we're in an either/or economy."

As for where people will look for inspiration for their Halloween night attire, the options are unlimited. First best source for getting costumes ideas is, of course, the internet. Speaking of that, people pay attention to Google trends and look at what spikes every year in October. Top three trends are pirates, Batmans and ninjas, followed by Disney costumes, superheroes and monsters.

32.9 percent of consumers will opt for online research, followed closely by 32.8 percent who'll be browsing retail stores and costume shops. Another 21 percent will discuss with family and friends about who or what they want to be this year. Next in line is Facebook with 14 percent, as 13 percent have their eyes set on pop culture. NRF estimates that 23 percent of millennials will wear costumes inspired by celebrities, TV shows and movies.

According to Value Village's Halloween Shopping survey, (run by Kelton Research during the summer of 2013 and polled 1,000 representative consumers aged 18 and older) Generation Y members show a great deal of interest in making the effort to be something or someone different every year. That's because they know their pictures will ultimately land on social media sites. So everything goes, from Duck Dynasty camo and bushy beards to The Walking Dead zombies.

Huffington Post's Katla McGlynn also makes quite a few outrageously funny suggestions in this post. Worth to have a look at as they might be to your liking.

75 percent of respondents believe that U.S. economy will not impact consumers' Halloween plans. However, they responded to the survey before the Government shutdown. Some of them might have changed their mind in the meantime.

86 percent from the rest of those who answered yes to this question, plan to spend less overall, 33 percent will buy less candy this year and 20 percent will use last year's decoration with no intention to buy more.

About the NRF survey:

The 2013 Halloween Consumer Spending Survey was conducted on behalf of NRF by Prosper Insights and Analytics and highlights the Halloween shopping trends. A number of 5,290 consumers were polled between September 3 -10, 2013. The survey has a margin error of plus or minus 1.3 percent.

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