06/10/2014 04:59 pm ET Updated Aug 10, 2014

5 Ways to Tell If You Are a Hipster Parent

Spending a sunny weekend at an organic farmer's market, buying a variety of exotic foods to encourage a sophisticated palate in your child, shelling out quite a lot of dough for environmentally-responsible means of travel... for a certain set of modern parents, these are parts of life to be proud of. But that doesn't mean that we can't -- and shouldn't -- get a laugh at ourselves every once in a while as we do it.

I discovered the latest way to do this in the form of, of all things, a children's alphabet book. But is it ever different than the typical ones that line kids' bookshelves. A is for Artisanal, written by Matthew Goldenberg and illustrated by Benjamin Schwartz, is an affectionate but brilliantly satirical look at some of the realities of modern parenting.

Do you fit the mold? See the signs and find out!

Are You a Hipster Parent? 5 Ways to Tell

Andrea Bonior is a licensed clinical psychologist, media commentator, professor, and author of The Friendship Fix and the Washington Post Express's longtime advice column Baggage Check. Follow her on twitter @drandreabonior or Facebook.