03/23/2009 03:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hey Baby, What's Your Credit Score?

Gold digging, especially when it comes to dating, is nothing new. What is, in this deep-recession, are dating sites that match up people with similar credit scores. Bringing up FICO on a first date? Not exactly a mood-setter, but maybe in this economy, it is. Josh Smith for explains:

One such site, with the tagline "Credit Scores Are Sexy," claims to help thousands of people a day meet others with good credit.

If you're looking for a date with a good credit score, it turns out you don't need to go to a specialized site; just take one look at your potential date. A recent study published in The Economist showed a link between a person's face and their credit score. In the study, scientists had individuals rate the trustworthiness and likelihood of repayment for a $100 loan and found that there was a correlation between user ratings and actual credit scores.

The economic climate has always had a way of shaping romance, or lack thereof. During boom times my girlfriends and I used to joke about going on a first date with a banker and doing an inventory of his assets and portfolio, just to be purely satirical, of course. Ahem. For more on Smith's breakdown on dating in a time of a credit crunch, check out his complete post here.

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