11/09/2011 06:49 pm ET Updated Jan 09, 2012

Free to Be Me! But Who Am I, Really?

In honor of my birthday, I am inspired to share this blog post with you!

Who are you? If you are like most people, you are likely to respond with your name, age, gender, ethnic background, and profession. If you do, however, I submit to you that you are more than who you say you are. I suspect that you will agree if you begin to look deeper.

For example, have you ever gotten a sense that you are connected to a larger entity, to everything and to everyone? Have you ever conceived of yourself as being more than what you see in the mirror? Well, who are you then, really? And why are you here?

Have you ever considered that there must be more to life than work, marriage, kids, death and taxes? While these questions cannot be answered by performing clinical trials or laboratory experiments, from our work with hundreds of patients we offer the following answers to that great existential question.

The False Self vs. The Real You
Your mind is a part of your whole being. But your mind alone is not "you."

Your body is a physical manifestation of your whole being. Your body alone is not "you." There is an animating presence within you that is described as spirit. The spirit gives your entire being life and can be referred to as your "higher self." Without the spirit, neither the mind nor the body exists. This animating presence, this vital energy, is the true essence of you. It is the real you.

Over time you will learn that you are not mind alone. You are not flesh alone. The real you is spirit. On earth you exist as a tri-part being. Spirit, mind and body are interconnected and together make you whole. For optimal health and happiness you must pay heed and give proper balance to each component of your divine formation.

Haven't you noticed that if any part of your being, especially your spirit, is not nurtured, supported and expressed you will not feel balanced? That's when you may experience disease. You will learn that through your spirit you have access to enormous energy and power to ease or possibly erase disease and live your destiny.

The exciting news is that you can take steps toward your own personal wellness goal from where you are right now. This blog includes insights from my first book, "The Pennington Plan," to illuminate your path. As I shared in another post, my own journey to living in balance with mind, body and soul took me through depression to my present state of joyful self-expression.

As Randy Taran shared in a post on authentic happiness, "Aligning our inner life with our outer expression is one of the true paths to happiness." I couldn't agree more!

So as I celebrate my birthday I look within to my soul (or spirit) to again make sure that I'm living my truth -- the truth of who I really am. And I ask you to do the same.

Please post comments, I'd love to hear what insights you uncover.