11/29/2016 02:50 pm ET Updated Nov 29, 2017

Heart Break

Can a heart really get broken? We often hear this term in reference to the aftermath of a very painful or disappointing experience. Someone either said or did something that "hurt" us. As a result, we run towards the depths of our solitude, along with our "broken heart", resulting in even greater self-flagellation - a self-induced depression. So I wondered, what is a "broken heart"?

If I were to express that so and so, or this and that, "broke my heart"; I am in actuality referring to my interpretation of someone else's behavior towards me. Hence, I am believing that someone's actions are the cause of my pain because to some extent that person acted intentionally. Therefore, my interpretation of my experiences, or interactions with others, arises from my mind's set of beliefs.

Let's understand that our pain or disappointment -in most instances- is not caused by someone or something outside of ourselves. We are typically manifesting or projecting our mind's beliefs onto the screen we call life. Hence, we will continue to suffer and live in fear of "getting hurt" unless we become aware of our false adopted ideas - about OUR SELF and the external components of our reality.

So instead of saying "this is going to be painful" or "this is going to break my heart", you can instead opt to say: "There is a good chance my false beliefs about my worth and my lovability will get triggered in this experience". If you are experiencing a "broken heart" you can say: "Some false beliefs about me and my worth, just got triggered".

When we know and believe, with every ounce of our being, the high degree of our worth and lovability there can be no experience or no person, that will ever hurt us or break our heart.