08/08/2014 01:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Adam Lyons: From 'Echo' and Beyond

Adam Lyons is standing in a dance club in London. The 22-year-old is accompanied by a group of people (many are his friends). He is in the zone, patiently waiting for the words "Roll Playback." Adam is not in the club to party with his friends (though they will still have fun). He is on the set of his new music video for the song "Echo." As the seconds tick by, he becomes increasingly focused. He then hears the director/choreographer Simon Barnum says the magic words. Immediately he and the dancers begin a very well-choreographed dance routine as the bass and lyrics boom in the background.

"Echo" is an EDM track hoping to make waves in the clubs and potentially more main-stream play. The song was produced/mixed by Last Hit and features Adam Lyons. Last Hit was started by DJ/Producer Arnold Krenzler of Germany, who reached out to Lyons after discovering his music. Krenzler used his producing and remixing skills to produce 4 remixes (including the original track) which makes up the Echo EP.


(Adam Lyons on set of the music video "Echo." Photographer Dan Zack)

"Echo" was written by Adam Lyons, who ventured out to make a fun, catchy dance/club song. The hook (which is "Echo, Echo") is homage to his hometown Liverpool's newspaper, the Liverpool Echo. "The people who sell the paper in town shout, 'Echo, Echo'. As I was writing the chorus, it just came melodically and I couldn't help but laugh as I sounded like I was selling the Echo in town." Lyons explains.

The song itself is catchy, particularly, the 'Echo, Echo' hook, which I find myself singing at odd hours of the night. After listening to the entire EP, I am a personal fan of the original track, though the "Basslouder" remix has become popular. Besides, the song making me want to dance (I will spare you), I do believe this song has a certain mainstream/radio appeal. While EDM music is very popular, for a track to garner mainstream-appeal takes a certain push.

The idea and overall vision of the music video also came from Lyons himself. He was involved in all aspects of the music video process. He used the connections he had made over the years to help turn his vision into a reality. A trained dancer and graduate of London Studio Centre, he enlisted the help of his friends and other colleagues to dance along-side him (some are also featured). He enlisted Simon Barnum to direct and choreograph the video. The two met while dancing on The Voice of Ireland. According to Lyons, the main theme of the video is one word: Dance. The video is filled with almost non-stop choreography (Lyons calls Barnum a "choreographic genius"). I could see portions of the dance moves being imitated (if the song becomes popular). I tried it, but I quickly realized my coordination isn't up to par.


(Adam Lyons (Center) along with Director Simon Barnum (left holding monitor) and dancers. Photographer Dan Zack)

For over a year now I have followed Adam Lyons' journey (You can read other two articles on him here and here). We crossed paths randomly on-line towards the end of June 2013 (which is becoming more common). He has been active in the music industry either signed or independent for years (way before I ever heard of him). Besides talent, Adam has a drive and passion that resonates through his music and in his music videos. Even through our messages, I can sense that his drive and determination has not hindered over the last year. If anything, it has grown as opportunities big-and-small have presented themselves. Whether it is dancing on-stage with Rita Ora at the Capital FM Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium, performing gigs all over or upcoming collaborations currently in the works, he takes every challenge and gives it his all. However, what I find refreshing (and humbling) is that regardless of any past, current, or future success, Adam Lyons make sure to give credit when credit is due. If you check out the Echo music video, you will see a list of credits that Mr. Lyons made sure was included in the description. In the cut-throat entertainment world, how someone made it and who helped them is sometimes forgotten. Between this, talent, and hard work, hopefully Adam Lyons is on his way to getting the recognition he deserves. His career will go beyond this current collaboration.

The track "Echo" by Last Hit feat. Adam Lyons was first released on Dirty Electro House Volume 15, before being released on its own EP. Both the Echo EP and Dirty Electro House Volume 15 were released by Munix Music, an EDM/Hands-Up label based out of Germany. You can view the music video through the Munix Music YouTube Channel or Adam Lyons' website. The Echo EP is available on both iTunes and Amazon.