06/11/2010 10:18 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

This Week in the NFL: Translation Required

There is a lot going on the NFL, even here in the slowest month of the NFL calendar in June. Let's take a look at what people are saying and what the statements really mean:

Former USC quarterback and present New York Jet Mark Sanchez, on the NCAA sanctions of the Trojans:

I wasn't there for those years that they are looking at.

That's Reggie Bush's deal, not mine.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, on the delay in extending the contract of Tom Brady:

I think we both want to solve the problem, or the issue. I don't know that it's a problem . . . it's complicated.

It's a complicated issue for us; it's a problem for him.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh, on Terrell Suggs, who received a megadeal last season, and his motivation for camp:

I think he's a hard worker. I think he's very motivated to having a great season.

I think he was a hard worker until he got that contract. I think he's very motivated by money.

Bengals' quarterback Carson Palmer, on wide receiver Chad Ochocinco missing the offseason workouts:

It would be great to have our No. 1 receiver here and working him and building it around him.

We're all here working and trying to get better. Well, all of us except one.

NFLPA Executive Committee member Domonique Foxworth, on the grievance filed against the NFL based on the television contracts funding the league during a potential lockout:

It appears that the owners bought a strategy to lock players and fans out and nonetheless financially protect themselves.

So we could be locked out and the networks still pay them? We'll see what the lawyers have to say about that.

The NFL, in its response to the grievance:

The union's meritless charges are simply a distraction and do nothing to get us any closer to a new CBA.

Bring it on!

Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, acknowledging his errant ways of the recent past:

I've wanted to apologize for being immature, for being dumb, for being young, for not knowing any better,

I got caught.

Seahawks' rookie receiver Golden Tate, on receiving a trespassing warning for taking some maple bars out of a doughnut store at 3 am:

They're irresistible.

Dude, you gotta try these bars!

Seahawks' coach Pete Carroll, on the incident:

I do understand the allure of the maple bars.

Dude, you gotta try these bars!

Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell, on the prospect of his friend Brett Favre coming back this season:

I think it's 50-50 either way.

I know it's 100%.