08/14/2015 08:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Drunk Mode' App Is Redefining the College Party Experience


There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and looking at your phone's missed calls and messages like it has betrayed your trust. Or rather, that you betrayed your own trust.

When one is intoxicated, there is nothing worse than calling and sending messages to a significant other or ex-best friend, and not remembering it the next morning. Especially when most of the time, you wonder why you even kept their contact stored in the first place.

This daunting worry of igniting old flames or foes can now be extinguished with the simple download of a new app called Drunk Mode. The new app has garnered nearly 750,000 downloads and high praise from users and media outlets around the nation. Creator Joshua Anton, a recent graduate of Thomas Jefferson's prestigious University of Virginia, described the app as essentially being a "condom for your phone."

One of the most useful functions of this new app is the drunk dial blocker feature. This facet of the app comes in handy when you are going out for the night, and you know certain temptations to call certain people might be unleashed after a few drinks.

Not only does this app protect your own social and mental health, it also ensures that you are paying proper to attention to the safety and well being of the friends you went out with for the evening.

The "Find My Drunk" feature allows you to see the GPS coordinates of individuals that you're going out with. That is, as long as they approve your request and give you the consent. No more losing track of that one friend because they said you left her first when you were sitting at the bar the entire time.

This is extremely useful when you have a friend that said they were going away to the bathroom for a couple minutes and may be taking longer to come back than you expected. One can simply check Drunk Mode and have their minds put to rest.


Many people aren't able to wake up to their drunken messages and crazy selfies taken from the night before because they lost their phone at some point, and can't recall where they left it. Similar to the "Find My IPhone" feature from Apple, "Bread Crumbs," a fantastic feature of Drunk Mode will help you find your cellular companion by gathering passive GPS data and provides you a map of the party stops you visited the day before.

In Fall 2015, the app will announce integration with FABRIQ, a personal safety platform that integrates into apps and wearables, are now enabling your drunk friend to take action.

With its signature PANIC button, ­a push alert system that can notify your loved ones in a situation and escalate your safety profile and location to everyone on the FABRIQ network in a close georadius.


This exciting collaboration is making it possible to not only find your drunk friend, but also assist them in an emergency situation. Strength is found in numbers, and with the FABRIQ crowd­sourced safety platform, Drunk Mode will be able to provide you with a community to keep you secure on college campuses and beyond.

With the amount of pressures being placed on college students to succeed in today's culture, this app is extremely important in being able to provide students with a virtual buddy system to keep track of their emotional needs and location, when they perhaps wouldn't be able to do it themselves.

"We are excited about the partnership with FABRIQ as they will be added to the current suite of safety features we already offer," Anton said in a statement. "Rolling FABRIQ out to our present 750,000+ users is exciting because if someone were to go missing, the FABRIQ platform, along with Drunk Mode, will have their back."