05/10/2013 01:29 pm ET Updated Jul 10, 2013

Let Us Now Damn Religious Men

It seems increasingly clear that at the core of our modern politics, which is to say, of an American politics mired in and thwarted by twisted fantasies and lies, is the religiousness of many of its practitioners. Problem is, religious people will believe anything.

How can individuals whose lives are based on a daily helping of preposterous stories; of fables, false science and false histories, be expected to believe in climate change, racial and gender equality or that their president was not born in Benghazi holding a Cricket rifle aimed at Americans? They have already proven through their devout adherence to the ridiculous that they are criminally gullible (which, as we are all aware, is spelled with a silent q).

These are people who believe what sounds good to them, on faith. They are, according to the rules of Heritage Foundation science, possessed of an intellectual deficiency and, maybe even more than Mexicans, are likely to provide IQ-deficient citizens for many generations to come. Therefore, in the great immigration reform debate which we now have before us, if there is a Harvard dissertation out there somewhere to support it, perhaps we can consider eliminating religious, white Europeans with a background similar to the damaged stock of traditional, "real" Americans from the ranks of those allowed to enter this great nation.

I probably should have titled this, "Let Us Now Dam Religious Men," since damning (there's that silent q again) is a deity's prerogative and what we really need, rather than condemnation from above, is a diversion of the flow of yutzes into our national dialogue.

We can call it Yutz Dam and power our toasters with its natural gas for nigh on a century.

And may God bless these United States of America.