09/04/2012 06:07 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2012

Four More Reasons to Vote for Obama

This election is all about getting out the vote. Pretty much everybody has already made their choice; most so-called "Independents" really aren't, and the number of really undecided voters is miniscule. So the future of America is all about arithmetic.

And that arithmetic doesn't look great for the Democrats. In a nutshell, and according to the most recent hard data, for 2008:

· There were 146,311,000 registered voters;
· Of those, 131,144,000 actually voted.

And Rasmussen Reports says that:
· People calling themselves Republicans comprised 37.6 percent of voters;
· People calling themselves Democrats comprised 33.3 percent of voters.

There are all sorts of currents running through both parties right now, mostly collecting around whether party members like their nominees. So the party that gets more of their voters to the polls, convinced to vote for their guy, wins. Period.

Long/short: Before you decide your vote doesn't matter, that it doesn't matter which party wins this election, or that you're simply too mad at President Obama to vote for him, think about whether you want to vote for the Bush administration 2.0, and whether you want people in power who think the things below are okay.

1. Republicans apparently don't care what they do to people or to national security, or who they hurt, to win.

Consider the retired Navy SEAL who wrote the recently-released book on the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden, No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden, outed by Fox News as one Chief Matt Bissonnette, 36 years old.

Publishing that book was bad for national security, and outing him was bad for Chief Bissonnette. As Lt. Cmdr. Chris Servello, a spokesman for the Navy, told Fox:

"Any service member who discloses classified or sensitive information could be subject to prosecution -- this doesn't end when you leave the service. There is nothing unique to the special warfare community in this regard."

At this point, there's no way Chief Bissonnette can claim he didn't what he was doing or that he didn't commit this crime. SEALs signed non-disclosure forms, and the evidence he violated them is in print.

And since he's a pro and had to know what he was doing, I'd say the only way he'd do that was if he was promised free legal help to minimize his sentence, and big bucks employment or a big bucks bonus when he gets out.

Chief Bissonnette is, after all, facing long legal proceedings and, very possibly, a long prison sentence, so you have to ask, since he knew what he was facing, if he'd take that on simply for the prestige.

That Chief Bissonnette was very likely promised some sort of reward for publishing the book and taking on these liabilities would be necessary because the publisher, Penguin Dutton, is reported as saying the royalties will go to charities that benefit the families of fallen SEALs.

That is a good thing, since the proceeds from crimes are confiscated. Meanwhile, al-Qaeda has announced it will kill chief Bissonnette, and al-Qaeda's not known for idle threats. It is, however, known for going after its targets' families.

And guess what? His lawyer, Robert Luskin of Patton, Boggs LLC, was Karl Rove's lawyer during the Plame matter -- another case of Republicans not caring what they do to people or national security.

So, taken together, the evidence suggests very strongly that elements in the GOP approached Chief Bissonnette and made him promises to get him to violate his oaths and his responsibilities to his fellow team members -- not to mention to his mother -- just to get some media coverage that could be used to attack the president during an election.

And you want these people back in power?

2. The $716 billion number thrown around as either "Obama's Medicare cuts" or "stolen from Medicare to pay for 'Obamcare'" -- depending on who's talking to whom, and where -- is a reduction in the growth of reimbursements to providers, not a cut in benefits to recipients. Anyone who says otherwise is either being lied to and trusts the liar, or knows the facts and is lying themselves. Plus, the Ryan Plan calls for the same mechanism. There is no middle ground on that.

And since Romney is promising to "restore" that amount to Medicare, but offers no explanation of how it will be paid for, what Romney is offering is a $716 billion subsidy to insurers and medical providers, paid for by a $716 billion increase in the debt. I am sure the faithful will simply reject this, but those are the facts.

Tell me how this is in the country's interests.

3. I don't blame the GOP for trying to bury the truth about unemployment, but the losses either occurred under Bush the Younger, or were the result of his administration's policies, and the slow growth in employment has a lot to do with GOP obstruction in Congress.

None of those things were caused by Democrats. You simply can't get around it. It's no wonder they try to bury it in the same grave they threw the Bush years into, since the GOP can hardly run on the Bush record. But that doesn't make it untrue -- only election day poison for them.

Do you really want to let hem get away with this?

4. The Republican plan to get out of what their own policies created is to double down on said policies -- cut taxes another 20 percent, and raise defense and Medicare spending, with no explanation of how this will be paid for -- a sort of Bush administration on meth.

I hear plenty of forceful assertions that this will work, but no explanations based on facts and laid out in a methodical, rational manner. In the years since trickle-down economics has been the reigning fiscal orthodoxy -- 1980 to now -- median family income has been flat and the number of people under the poverty line has almost doubled. But per capita GDP has grown four-fold. If trickle-down economics worked, the former data would reflect a rise in typical incomes, and a fall in poverty. So obviously, trickle-down is what it seems to be -- a massive payday for the top, paid for by everyone else.

Tell me how that's wise, or good public policy.

Add it together. These are the sort of people who want America to vote for them in November. Do you want them running the country -- again?

If not, vote Democratic, and work hard to get out the Democratic vote. Senator Jim DeMint -- he of the Tea Party -- is right: This election decides the future of America.

It's in your hands.

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