10/29/2012 09:27 am ET Updated Dec 29, 2012

Unleash (Or Release) Tim Tebow!

The Jets have got to do something about the Tebow situation. They seem complacent about leaving him on the bench for the most part, and if he was only brought on to motivate Mark Sanchez, it's been a train wreck. Only Andrew Luck and Brandon Weeden have a worse QB ranking and have retained their starting jobs, and Mark Sanchez has a lower completion percentage than both of them (the worst in the NFL). Whatever Tim Tebow was brought in to do, it's time to change the strategy or abort the mission.

So what should they do? Ideally, they would trade Sanchez to Kansas City for Matt Cassel and swallow whatever they need to from Sanchez's salary. Sanchez just isn't the answer for this team, and the five-year/$58 million contract would be less restrictive. Tebow would take over the starting job and all would be good again. But that won't happen, so let's get real.

TIm Tebow isn't doing anything good for the team, and having the $58 million man on the bench would create serious salary cap issues if Sanchez wouldn't restructure the contract. The only answer is to quickly trade Tebow for whatever they can get. And I really mean anything. It's worth it just to have him off the team so Sanchez might regain some sense of security. And having $2 million of the books would just be an added bonus. So what teams are on the Messiah Market? Kansas City and Seattle make the most sense to me. Although Jacksonville makes sense too -- they seem content to go with Gabbert for the time being.

If Kansas City is desperate enough to make Brady Quinn a starter, they're depserate enough to at least give Tebow some meaningful minutes. The idea of Tebow running an offense with Jamall Charles and Peyton Hillis would make defensive coordinators with a weak front seven shudder. Even if they weren't willing to make Tebow a starter, he could run an option or Wildcat package with the versatile Dexter McCluster. As far as the passing game goes, Jon Baldwin could be a solid deep threat for Tebow (a la Demarius Thomas) and Dwayne Bowe is a great number-one option. They could also trade Bowe away for another part to a young defense that could be good in the near future. Personally, this is my favorite option.

Seattle has an awesome defense, but they need a spark on the offense to turn them into a contender. Russel Wilson has shown promise, but Tebow could take some pressure off him and get the most out off power-running Marshawn Lynch. The one thing holding this back is that this would leave the Seahawks with three quarterbacks worth starting, and a whole lot of unused money. Trading Matt Flynn for an offensive weapon would remedy the situation, though.

To be honest, both of these are long shots, and I'd be shocked to see Tebow anywhere but the bench come next week. But as we've learned with the Mile High Messiah, anything's possible.