07/30/2009 09:05 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gates Case Officially Jumped the Shark, Experts Say

The arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and the ensuing controversy have now officially "jumped the shark," shark-jumping experts said today.

Tracy Klugian, an expert who tracks when real-life events jump the shark, said that the Gates case threatened to do so for most of last week but now "it has totally jumped."

"At first, many of us suspected that the Gates case had jumped the shark when President Obama invited Gates and the cop to the White House for beer," Mr. Klugian said. "But now I would pinpoint the moment of shark-jumping as when the 911 caller hired a lawyer and gave a press conference."

According to Mr. Klugian, "The Gates case is now like the first draft of a bad novel that Tom Wolfe would have kept in his drawer."

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