05/06/2007 11:59 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Next Week's News

The following is a forecast of next week's news, for the week of Monday, May 7:

Monday, May 7: After succeeding in his bid to take over Dow Jones, Rupert Murdoch will reduce the size of The Wall Street Journal by removing the facts.

Tuesday, May 8: Consumer activist Ralph Nader will announce that he is actively considering fucking up the 2008 presidential election. Mr. Nader's announcement will include this caveat: "I will only enter the race if I can really fuck it up."

Wednesday, May 9: A new study will show that white people are more likely to have heart disease, but are less likely to be pulled over by the police.

Thursday, May 10: The Bureau of Labor Statistics will report that the number of unemployed people in the U.S. increased by one, due to the visit of Queen Elizabeth II.

Friday, May 11: Vice President Dick Cheney will send former CIA director George Tenet a "Stop Snitchin'" T-shirt.

Saturday, May 12: Hillary Clinton will propose building a seven-foot fence around her supporters to keep them from defecting to Barack Obama.

Sunday, May 13: Responding to criticism, The National Gardening Association will discontinue the use of the word "hoe."

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