03/31/2009 10:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Opens Chevy Dealership on White House Lawn

In a move signaling his most direct involvement in the U.S. auto industry to date, President Barack Obama announced today that he was opening a Chevrolet dealership on the White House lawn.

As car-carriers dumped hundreds of unsold 2009 Malibus, Silverados and Cobalts onto the grass in front of the President's historic residence, workmen draped a banner in front of the White House portico reading "Buy a Chevrolet from the USA."

Another crew of workers were busy erecting a new sign in front of the White House reading "Barry's Auto City," the name of Mr. Obama's dealership.

In a new TV ad broadcast nationwide, the president was seen wearing an Uncle Sam costume and telling the American people, "We are slashing prices on 2009 Chevys to make room for the 2010s, if there still are Chevys by then."

Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said that all Cabinet members were taking turns running the dealership, and that Vice-President Joe Biden was manning the customer service hotline.

Customers calling the hotline complained that wait times were as long as thirty minutes and that Mr. Biden was overly chatty, but Mr. Emanuel stressed that the customer service department was "a work in progress."

He added that once President's Chevy dealership is up and running, Mr. Obama will open a Chrysler dealership next to it.

"This will be your last chance to get a low, low price on a Chrysler before it turns into a Fiat," he said.