08/21/2009 12:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ridge: Osama Terror Tape Was Actually Cheney in Beard

Former Department of Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge unleashed another bombshell today, revealing that a terror tape of Osama bin Laden that was released just prior to the 2004 election was actually Dick Cheney in a beard.

According to Mr. Ridge, in October of 2004 he was called into a "secret meeting" at the White House which "turned out to be a fashion show, basically, with Dick Cheney trying on a series of Osama bin Laden beards."

Mr. Ridge said that President George W. Bush "personally selected" the beard that Mr. Cheney went on to wear in the chilling video.

The former Homeland Security secretary said that he was "shocked" that Mr. Cheney would try to hoodwink the American people by dressing as Osama bin Laden, but said "I decided to bite my tongue because I realized that if I ever a book this would be really good for sales." More here.